“Nothing Outstanding”- Sebastian Vettel Weighs in on Ferrari’s Strategic Blunders

August 17, 2020 3:20 pm

Despite some questionable strategic calls over the past few races, Sebastian Vettel believes Ferrari’s strategies don’t need a complete overhaul. However, the German driver admitted that the team’s strategies could be better.

While many praised Vettel for his commendable stint on soft tires during the Spanish Grand Prix, it’s the German’s ability to make the right strategy calls on the fly that’s most impressive.

Sebastian Vettel defends Ferrari strategy calls

Much like the Hungarian Grand Prix, Vettel worked out the right strategy while also trying to race his SF1000, which has become a handful as of late. However, Ferrari’s confusion over Vettel’s race plan resulted in widespread criticism over social media.

Fans lauded Vettel for his mighty stint on used softs and ridiculed Ferrari for messing up, yet again. Nevertheless, Sebastian Vettel doesn’t think the Scuderia’s poor decision-making needs a review.

“I think we are obviously talking about it, and we had a brief chat. I think there are things we can always do bettersaid Vettel. “If you play Monday engineering, it’s very easy to know a lot of things that you could have done or should have done.

“But I think the important thing is that we agreed to take that risk, and obviously it did pay off. From where we were, I don’t think we had much to lose.

“It’s normal that you communicate. I think it’s very weird for you to judge because [with] whoever is selecting which radio transmissions to broadcast and which not, it’s very difficult for you to know what is being said and get the full picture.

“It was nothing outstanding today. Obviously it’s a lot about managing tires here, and in the end, we did the decision and we stuck to it, so it’s fine.”

In yesterday’s race, Ferrari stopped Leclerc and Vettel on the same lap despite the latter running on mediums. Ferrari’s original plan for Vettel possibly involved a two-stop strategy, with the third stint on medium compound tires.

The Italian team even asked Vettel to ‘push’ for 3 laps before changing their mind on strategy after consulting Vettel. Ultimately, the seasoned veteran in Seb Vettel kicked in to bring home the points.

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