Stress From Charles Leclerc Reason Behind Sebastian Vettel Leaving Ferrari: Timo Glock

July 2, 2020 6:54 pm

Former F1 driver Timo Glock believes one of the reasons behind Vettel’s exit from Ferrari has to do with Charles Leclerc. Glock is of the opinion that stress from Leclerc is what’s driving Sebastian Vettel to leave the Scuderia in 2021. However, Timo doesn’t expect his German compatriot to follow any team orders from Ferrari this season and believes he has a plan to counter Ferrari from potentially favoring Leclerc.

Glock thinks Sebastian Vettel has a “plan”

It’s been well over a month since Vettel dropped a bombshell regarding his future with Ferrari. The 4 times World Champion will part ways with the Italian team, having spent over 5 years with the Scuderia.


Throughout his time at Ferrari, Vettel acted as the de facto team leader. However, that changed last year with the arrival of Charles Leclerc. Many believed the Young Monegasque would simply play second fiddle to the seasoned German, in his debut season for Ferrari. As we now know, that wasn’t the case.


Over the course of a season, Leclerc out qualified and outraced Vettel, to establish himself as the Scuderia’s future. The pair had their moments on track, but it was quite clear whom Ferrari preferred towards the end of 2019.


The Italian team signing Leclerc on a 5-year contract signaled a major change within Ferrari. A change that didn’t involve Vettel in Ferrari’s ambitious plans for the future.


Glock believes the stress of having to contend with Leclerc is playing a part in Vettel moving away. Speaking to F1-Insider, Glock said:

“when you think about it, his stress with teammate Leclerc, with Ferrari, where things didn’t go his way, it was hard to find a common denominator in the end.”

“With a five-year contract, Ferrari has made it all too clear who you are counting on in the future. Sebastian was aware of that too. That got him thinking. Especially that Leclerc’s management has a strong influence on Ferrari.


Nevertheless, the German driver believes Vettel will have a few tricks up his sleeve to combat preferential treatment (if any) towards Leclerc.


“The only way that Ferrari has to favor Leclerc is by race strategy. But I can imagine that Sebastian already has a plan to prevent this before.”

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