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“F1 is Not Everything”- Max Verstappen Opens up on Issues With the Current Hectic Calendar

“F1 is Not Everything”- Max Verstappen Opens up on Issues With the Current Hectic Calendar

Red Bull were much happier the second time around at the Spielberg circuit. After finishing the first race with zero points, Max Verstappen and Alex Albon finished the Styrian Grand Prix in P3 and P4 respectively.

It opens Red Bull’s points tally for the season and elevates them to 3rd position in the Constructors’ championship standings.

The Styrian Grand Prix was the first time in F1 history where two consecutive races were held on the same track. It was also the first time since 1995 where two consecutive races were held in the same country.

This situation only came to pass because the Coronavirus pandemic compressed the F1 calendar. As a result, there will be a number of double-headers and triple-headers this season.

However, it raises the question of burnout among drivers and team crews, and to shed more light on this, Max Verstappen is happy to help.

Max Verstappen isn’t the biggest fan of multiple back-to-back races

However, lest we forget, the season calendar starts with a triple-header, so we still have the race in Hungary next week. While it’s amazing for us fans to be able to watch races every week, it does take a toll on drivers and the crew of the teams. 

In the post-race interview, the Dutchman was asked to voice his thoughts on double-headers. Max said, “It’s good that it’s all in Europe at the moment as that makes traveling a bit easier.

“But I do think that after three or four weeks it’s good to go home and have a bit of time off.

Max Verstappen

“Not only for the drivers but especially for the mechanics, you know, with a family. Otherwise, they could file for divorce and you don’t want that to happen! It’s good to visit family and friends and that it’s not only F1 in your head.

“Sometimes you need to relax and think about other stuff because F1 is not everything. It’s part of your life but there are also other things you have to do.”

After bagging his first podium for the season, Verstappen will be looking to build on this momentum in Hungary. After the race, Verstappen admitted that they had some catching up to do, in order to beat the Mercedes.

Nevertheless, he’ll be hoping to mount a sterner challenge next week, at the Hungaroring.


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