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Ever since the Miami GP, we are hearing rumors about a possible new affair brewing in the paddocks. We are sure you have heard it as well. It is the rumors of the unlikeliest pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Shakira. From never having been to the track to two sightings in three race weekends, the Columbian singer is the newest F1 fan. However, after her first visit, the second visit to the track in Barcelona was motivated by different factors. Now we all know the Mercedes world champion was that factor. However, as it turns out, the reason Shakira took an interest in Formula 1 was because of Hamilton’s known secret.

Now, what is Hamilton’s worst-kept secret? It’s his love for music. The Brit has featured in a song by Christina Aguilera called Pipe. In fact, he has been teasing the fans about his song for quite a while. Couple that with a revelation made during the discussion of this topic as quoted by Informalia ElEconomista and it all makes sense.

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When asked about the relationship during the discussion, a revelation came to light. “No, no, this has been due to mutual friends, she knows that Hamilton likes her music and, suddenly, she gets the urge to know about Formula 1 and that’s where they get together. She has taken the wheel and he doesn’t let go,” revealed Pipi Estrada.


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Well, there you have it. The reason Shakira was on the track in the first place was because of her knowledge of Hamilton’s appreciation of her music. Perhaps the Columbian wanted to return the favor and see what all the hype around F1 is about. Well, she has gotten her answer. Although are you wondering who was the common link between the two apart from music?

The common key linking Shakira and Lewis Hamilton revealed


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Even if Shakira visited the track with the knowledge of Hamilton’s appreciation of her music, was that enough? Perhaps not. There are thousands of entities on the track during a race weekend. The busiest of them all, among those, are the drivers. However, luckily for Hamilton and Shakira, the two had a common link.

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Estrada revealed, “There is one key thing in this relationship. Carlos Sainz knows Shakira and Carlos Sainz has a very good relationship with Hamilton. And that’s where they got together. That’s where that relationship was born, with Carlos Sainz.” 


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Perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves. However, if the rumors are true, the Brit did get himself a Latina and the Ferrari man is to thank for that.

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