Supplying Red Bull With Engines Requires A “Lot Of Energy” : Ferrari

October 9, 2020 7:00 pm

One team that is temporarily facing a performance crisis is Scuderia Ferrari. The team is currently in 6th, after last week’s results in Sochi, and Nurburgring may not be any different.

The Italian giants are confident of a turnaround in form, but only as soon as 2022 and that is still some time away. Planning and strategy are underway to see how Ferrari can find their way back to their former glory.

However, amidst reports of Honda’s exit in 2021 flooding the market, a decision stands in front of Ferrari as there is a strong possibility that the Red Bull group could approach them for an engine supply deal for 2022 and onwards.

Ferrari have ‘not considered’ supplying engines to Red Bull

Red Bull have a list of options among the existing suppliers on the grid. Securing the IP rights of Honda engines and using re-badged versions, has also not been completely ruled out as yet.

But Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto has not yet given any thought to this sequence of events, should it even take place. However, any discussions can happen only if Red Bull make the first move.

Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia – Red Bull’s Alexander Albon in action during the race. Pool via REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Binotto is quoted as saying, “It is something that we need to start considering now, I think we have not decided.”

“I think it will be down to Red Bull eventually to look at us and ask for a supply. They are a great team, no doubt, and I think supplying them is as well a lot of energy which is required.”

The team want to look at themselves first ahead of 2022

Naturally, Ferrari’s priority would be to assess and concretely solve their existing issues first. A lot of questions have been asked about the decline of the Ferrari’s power units.

“Timing-wise, there is very little time because we need to organise ourselves. 2022 is just here behind, so as we said, it was somehow sudden news from Honda and now we need to consider something that was not considered a few days ago.

Formula One F1 – Belgian Grand Prix – Spa-Francorchamps, Spa, Belgium – Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto FIA/Handout via REUTERS

“But [it is] something which we need to consider and which we need to take time to think about and have a decision,” said Mattia Binotto.

In addition, Ferrari also have their affiliate teams to look after. Haas and Alfa Romeo have been using their engines for some time now; hence, some emphasis will have to be given to them as well.

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