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The world of sports is a highly linked club where many athletes are spotted at different sporting events. In the past, athletes like Shaquille O’Neal and David Beckham have been spotted at the F1 paddocks. However, Formula 1 is not the only sport that attracts the attention of other athletes.

Recently there have been sightings of Lando Norris at tennis tournaments, specifically the Monte-Carlo Masters annual tennis tournament held in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France. With the first sighting being around a year ago, it looks like the McLaren driver has returned for more back-and-forth racket-ball action.

Lando Norris’ interest in other sports


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Lando Norris has always been known to branch out from the world of Formula 1, either to play golf with his boss Zak Brown, or to entertain the masses with his YouTube channel. One lesser-known fact is that he is also a tennis aficionado who likes to watch the Monte Carlo Masters with his family and friends.

While last year, Lando Norris was spotted alone, this year, he has his crew with him. Along with the McLaren driver was his sister, her boyfriend, and music producer, Martin Garrix. With a celebrity lineup like that, it’s clear how many people enjoy tennis, and not even a 24-year-old, 350+ KMPH speed driver can escape its appeal.

Along with the race car driver and the music producer, the Garrix family was also present, enjoying the game. The “Animals” producer brought his mother and father to enjoy the game. One thing that can be noticed in the pictures online is that the whole crew is wearing Replay caps, who are the premium denim sponsor for the Monte Carlo. Besides that, there is nothing unusual about the meeting as everyone is caught having a great time with a drink in their hand.

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Norris is known for his many talents and humor, which has gotten him many fans in the world of motorsport, but the other area where he is famous is his YouTubing career. The channel Quadrant, which was Norris’ project, has recently received an update that brings more experience and money to the table.

Lando Norris’ quadrant channel gets a huge investment

In January 2024, Lando Norris secured a significant investment for his entertainment and gaming brand, Quadrant, from popular YouTuber Will Lenney, also known as WillNE. Quadrant was launched in 2020 by Lando Norris, his management company ADD, and Veloce Media.


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Recently, Will Lenney has brought in an undisclosed amount of investment which was part of a “seven-figure investment round,” along with a new audience that has been fans of Lenney from his other channels.

Quadrant CEO Jamie MacLaurin, spoke about his new partner saying, “WillNE joining Quadrant as co-owner also marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing audiences with the most entertaining and uplifting stories.” Although it has just been a few months since the new co-owner became a part of the team, the channel is flourishing with its new investments. 


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That being said, what non-motorsport place do you expect to see Lando Norris next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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