Will Lando Norris' rivalry with the new F1 driver ignite fireworks at the British GP?

A tale as old as time, and a circuit as old as F1. For the 12th round of the 2024 championship, the motor racing circus is set to ‘perform’ at Silverstone, the home of F1. It is also a home race for three of the drivers who have made headlines in the past weeks, namely; George Russell (who stumbled upon a chance win last week), Lando Norris (whose hard racing incident with Max Verstappen broke the internet), and Lewis Hamilton (the King of Silverstone). With a lot of buzz on and off track, there is a lot to look forward to, from Lando-Max tensions to George and Lewis aiming for glory to Oliver Bearman singing for Haas.

Will Lando Norris and Max Verstappen tensions continue at Silverstone?

Lap 64 of last week’s Austrian GP became the most talked about racing incident of recent times. Ambitious Lando Norris and aggressive Max Verstappen drove into each other, compromising a win for both of them. Following the incident, a furious Lando said that if Max doesn’t accept his mistake, Norris will lose all respect for him. Moreover, yesterday on a radio show, Lando was seen demoting Max from his friend list. However, entering into the weekend, the young Britton took a mature perspective on things and became the bigger person.


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“We won’t be far behind”: George Russell has found another wave of confidence after Lando Norris and Max Verstappen’s crash promoted him to the top step

During the media interaction, Lewis was asked about the lap 64 fiasco, he replied stating he had nothing to say as he was busy analyzing his race and celebrating with his team. Mercedes has a pole position and a win this year. Fourth constructor to have bagged the prize, the German team is now full of adrenaline as they will again hope for a racing incident out front.

When asked about his win last weekend, Russell said, “It’s so great we’re now in an opportunity to be fighting the front, fighting for podiums, and ready to capitalize when things happen. I think it’s going to be a good fight. I think Max and Lando will be out front. They look good at high speed. We won’t be far behind.”

But the biggest news of this weekend so far remains is the singing of Oliver Bearman.


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Oliver Bearman signs a multi-year contract with Haas

Back in 2016, a fresh-faced young driver drove in his first F1 session at the British GP. That person was none other than Charles Leclerc. Fast forward to 2024, a fresh-faced young driver has bagged an F1 seat with Haas. When Olver Bearman stepped in for Carlos Sainz at Jeddah, he was only expected to bring the car home, considering the demanding nature of the fast-speed street circuit. Surprisingly, he didn’t just bring the car home, but he scored 6 points on his sudden F1 debut. The sleepy world of F1 awoke to freshness, and it was only a matter of time before the young boy to finally bag a seat in F1. That wait got over today.


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Taking about his F1 entry, Ollie said, “[When I signed the deal] it was a flood of emotions. You think of all the moments you’ve had in your career since day one, the amount of hours you’ve put in, all those wet days in karting, and those cold days with snow on the track, those early wake ups and missing a lot of memories with friends–it all becomes worth it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. It’s only the beginning. This 10-year journey I’ve been on, it’s all led up to this point–and now I’m starting again.”

That’s a wrap for today’s summary, but do let us know in the comments section about what you look forward to the most this weekend.