The “Embarrassing” Photograph That Russell and Lewis Hamilton Prefer to “Stay Away” From

November 18, 2020 5:50 pm

Lewis Hamilton has set himself to be a personification for perfection on track. The Briton has mastered the art of driving the Mercedes AMGs around the tarmac in a way that he can probably do it with his eyes closed.

The lad from Stevenage is doing wonders, and his outing in Turkey was as perfect as measured as a Trapeze Act. Although he complained to be driving on thin ice, his experience and his determination saw him through the race.

Lewis Hamilton has engraved his name with gold in Formula One’s glorious history. He is nothing less of a legend in the sport and serves pure inspiration for the youngsters that are filling in F1.

While in conversation on the F1 Nation podcast this week, George Russell described his first meeting with the champ.

First time I became aware of him was probably back in 2007 to be honest. I remember he came to Pier 5 once. Obviously he walked up in a Mercedes wearing his McLaren Vodafone Racing. And everybody on track mobbed him and I obviously got a photo of him,” George Russell explained.

I had an awful haircut. He’ll probably argue that his haircut at the time wasn’t much better. So there is that embarrassing photo out there,added George Russell.

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Lewis Hamilton and Russell would want that picture to stay hidden

George Russell is one of the youngest drivers on the grid. However, the humility and calm behavior add a star to his character and demeanor. Polished with the English warmth, Russell shares a powerful bond with his compatriot from Mercedes.

Russell recalls the picture being taken with their hair all messed up in weird styling. The picture went viral a few weeks ago, and thus he could collect that was being circulated again.

The most famous English karting photographer Chris Walker took it, which I saw was circulating not so long ago. So I think we both prefer that to stay away. But that was really the first time I was aware of him, really,” recalled George Russell.

Lewis Hamilton has a close affinity with fashion. However, back in 2007 when he had just joined McLaren, he was not as appealing as he is today. His racing was top-notch, but his grooming was due yet.

The Briton from Mercedes has never shied away from consoling a fellow competitor. When George Russell had spun out at Imola, he had consoled him like a big brother and convinced him that mistakes are okay as they teach you the best. Well, it’s time for Russell to look up to his fellow countryman and get going.

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