There are 2000 Team Principals at Mercedes: Toto Wolff

September 29, 2020 10:12 am

Mercedes’ Toto Wolff is the heart of the team. He is the single element that holds the 2000 member team together to keep performing at their best every race weekend.

Recently, Toto spoke about the prospect of a role change within the Brackley-based outfit. He had highlighted how the position has depleted his energy, tiring him beyond expectations.

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Toto Wolff opens up on his experience with the team

Toto Wolff, before the race in Sochi, was in for a recalling of his career. F1 will cherish the footage of his interview by Sky Sports journalist Natalie Pinkham as an edifice of the man that built Mercedes over a decade.

The constructors are in contention for their 9th championship this year. Yet there is not an ounce of humility degraded within the Team Principal.

[We] try to keep an overview and steer the ship strategically. But at the end of the day, there’s two thousand Team Principals in our team. All the people that are involved in the project.

“I would never consider myself as the one who can take the glory. It’s two thousand Team Principals,” said Toto Wolff on being asked about his inspiration.

I’m only as good as the team,” expressed Wolff. “We all have our position, we play in position. Mine is the team principal, I look a little bit after the commercial side with great people that I have.

Natalie Pinkham informed Wolff about James Allison’s wish to retain Wolff for eternity. Overwhelmed by the compliment, Toto shed some light on the matter.

I think first of all, James is being complimentary when he’s on camera. I think it is a great compliment. He said to me, you are the best Team Principal I’ve ever worked for.

All the others were useless and actually damaging our performance,” said the Mercedes headman. “You are the first one that is neutral. 50% of the things you do are helpful, 50% unhelpful. Neutral is pretty good.

Toto promises to stay in it as long as the fun lasts

Toto realizes that the time for him to step down is inching closer. However, he declared that it has not knocked on his door yet.

I guess we all have a contribution to make. James and I and many others realize that it is our people that make us look good. For me, I see it as my gang and I need to protect them when we are under attack. I need to be respectful and care for them when times are difficult.

The Mercedes chief expressed how the sport is supposed to be fun. He stressed that the fun is his main reason to carry on. He will keep doing so unless he understands that there is someone better than him.

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Indrasish Ganguly

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