“There is a Lot of Poverty” – Lewis Hamilton Rejected F1’s Plans to Hold the Brazilian GP in Rio Beforehand

October 7, 2020 4:46 pm

According to the latest reports, the 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix could be moved away from the iconic ‘Interlagos’ track to the new ‘Autodromo de Deodoro’ in Rio de Janeiro.

However, the new venue has come under intense scrutiny for having disrupted the region’s ecology and has raised environmental concerns. One critic of the idea to move to the controversial new venue has been Lewis Hamilton.

The Mercedes driver is an ardent lover of nature. As such, he actively voices his concerns about environmental degradation and more. He has even amended his own lifestyle in order to save the environment.

Back in 2019, prior to the Brazilian Grand Prix, Hamilton had made it very clear what his stance on the aforementioned issue was.

He said, “I’m a little old school, I love the Interlagos circuit. I think honestly there is a lot of money that goes into building a new circuit. We already have a historic circuit here. We don’t need to cut any more rainforest down, do any more damage.”

The circuit in Rio is still under construction It remains to be seen whether it would oust the Interlagos next year. However, if it did, then you’d probably know what Hamilton would have to say about that.

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Lewis Hamilton would rather have the money spent on philanthropic causes

The Briton didn’t feel the need for a new circuit and admitted that it is a waste of money. He declared that the money should be invested in better infrastructure and education facilities.

Hamilton said, “That money could go to better causes. It could go to the infrastructure of the cities, there is a lot of poverty still. If it was my money, I would put it in a better cause. Education is super key, for example.”

Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia – Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton during the press conference FIA/Handout via REUTERS

Without realizing it, F1 fans may have already watched the last ever race at Interlagos in 2019. Had the original calendar for 2020 remained, there would have been a chance for fans to bid adieu to the historically rich track that has been in use since 1973.

However, glancing back to last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix. The entertainment it served up was brilliant. So in hindsight, Interlagos did have a fitting farewell.

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