“There’s Unfinished Business”- Former Renault Engineer Reveals Why Fernando Alonso is Returning to F1

July 15, 2020 5:57 pm

After a 2-year long hiatus, Fernando Alonso returns to F1 next season with Renault F1. However, there are many questions surrounding his Formula 1 return.

Is the Spaniard coming back for the love of the sport?  Does he miss the thrill and adrenaline rush of F1 cars?

Pat Symonds, who worked alongside Alonso as a race engineer during his time at Renault, believes Fernando is coming back to F1 with one goal in mind. Symonds is of the opinion that Alonso is eyeing a World Championship upon his return.

Can Fernando Alonso win another Championship with Renault?

By reuniting with Renault in 2021, Alonso’s coming full circle with the team that pushed him to both his World Championships. Despite being away, there’s no questioning Fernando’s ability as a racing driver.

If Kimi Raikkonen can keep up with the fast-paced world of F1 at 40, there’s no reason as to why the Spaniard cannot. Putting age and ‘race rust’ aside, there’s a monumental hurdle blocking Alonso’s way to Championship glory.

Renault is in no position to challenge for a podium, let alone titles. The 38-year-old veteran would have to commit to rebuilding the team if they are to materialize their dream of returning to their former Championship-winning ways.

An F1 team breaking out of the midfield is a long haul which Fernando would have to live with. His former engineer reckons he’s up for it and is one of the only reasons behind his return.

Speaking to the Beyond the Grid podcast, Symonds said:

It’s a shame that a guy with that amount of talent has only won two Championships. And if I think that’s a shame, Fernando will think it’s a tragedy, so yeah, there’s definitely unfinished business,

“I know Fernando well enough to know that there’s nothing he wants more than another Formula 1 World Championship. He hasn’t come back because he’s bored. He hasn’t come back because he wants to see the world again, he’s come back to win.”

Hopefully, Alonso’s return to Renault is nothing like his return to McLaren. The Spaniard belongs in the highest category of motorsport, fighting for the ultimate crown.

Will Renault be able to birth a Championship-winning car for Alonso? Only time will tell.

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