“They’re the Guys Who Allow Us to Overtake”- Lando Norris on Why He Helped Mclaren F1 Mechanics After the Hungarian Grand Prix

July 22, 2020 12:47 pm

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, several Formula One teams have had to cut back on crew attendance at circuits. Meanwhile, everyone who is present is trying to chip in and help in any way they can.

The massive short-staffing is F1’s attempt to adhere to social distancing norms as the sport finally kicks off. For McLaren in particular, everyone is trying to help, and there are no exceptions.

To be precise, Lando Norris is doing his fair share to avoid burdening the team.

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, the McLaren driver was spotted helping the mechanics dismantle the car. He wrote on Twitter: “I thought my team could use a few more hands.”

The Briton confessed that the drivers are not the only ones stressed about facing nine races crammed into 11 weeks. Aside from them, several team employees have to go into overdrive to deliver to near perfection.

Especially with thousands of cutbacks and longer working hours.

“It’s not too bad for the drivers,” says Norris“In a way, we do the least work when we are at the racetrack and are actually only in the car compared to the time that the mechanics work on it and build it and that the management or engineers spend on the racetrack.”

Lando Norris is more worried about the crew

Surprisingly, Norris is far more concerned about his team’s health, while his own comes in at second. He is aware that the circumstances are more demanding for engineers and mechanics since they work and travel the most.

This is why he wants to ensure that they are in good shape and in perfect health.

Lastly, the massive decrease in mechanics will have an adverse impact on the MCL35’s performance. He acknowledged, “They’re also the guys who can allow us to overtake, and making good pit stops can get us positions and things like that.”

This explains why he wants to contribute to the team, and not just in the capacity of a driver. So, in Hungary, he helped them dismantle the car and pack up.

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