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“This Is Disgusting and Must Stop”- Lewis Hamilton Urges Humanity to “Stand Up for What Is Right”

“This Is Disgusting and Must Stop”- Lewis Hamilton Urges Humanity to “Stand Up for What Is Right”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has been the leading light, in the F1 world, in the fight against racism. Last week, the 6-time world champion ranted on his Instagram account. Also, a few days ago he questioned the F1 paddock’s silence over the matter. Since then, every team on the F1 grid and most of the drivers have voiced out their support for the ‘black lives matter’ movement. Yesterday, the Mercedes driver posted yet another rant on his social media accounts.

“Racism is not getting worse, it’s being filmed”- Lewis Hamilton quotes Will Smith

In his rant, Lewis gave the fans a peek into his emotions.

This past week has been so dark. I have failed to keep hold of my emotions. I have felt so much anger, sadness, and disbelief in what my eyes have seen. I’m completely overcome with rage at the sight of such blatant disregard for the lives of our people.

“So many people seem surprised, but to us, unfortunately, it is not surprising. Those of us who are black, brown, or in between, see it every day and should not have to feel as though we were born guilty, don’t belong or fear for our lives based on the color of our skin.

“Will Smith said it best, racism is not getting worse, it’s being filmed.”

Moreover, he says, “ It is only when there are riots and screams for justice that the powers that be cave in and do something. By then it is far too late and not enough has been done. It took hundreds of thousands of people’s complaints and buildings to burn  before officials reacted and decided to arrest Derek Chauvin for murder.”

He concluded by saying that America is not the only place where racism lives. That we continue to fail as humans when we can’t stand for what is right, he pleads with the public to not sit in silence and tolerate this. Lewis ends his post with the phrase “black lives matter”.

Lewis Hamilton himself has been a target of racism in the past. In 2008, Spanish spectators abused him during the pre-season testing in Barcelona. Later that year Lewis was also the target of a hate website.

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