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Toto Wolff Explains Why “It’s Not Easy to Replace” Sergio Perez With Sebastian Vettel at Racing Point F1

Toto Wolff Explains Why “It’s Not Easy to Replace” Sergio Perez With Sebastian Vettel at Racing Point F1

The Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin rumors are unlikely to die down any time soon. The 4-times world champion has long been rumored to replace Sergio Perez at the Silverstone-based outfit for 2021. However, despite ‘loose talks’ between the two, nothing concrete has materialized as of yet.

Wolff believes Perez is indispensable to Racing Point thanks to his importance within the team. The Mexican is a top-notch racing driver who brings in enormous financial backing. On the other hand, Wolff revealed why Vettel is the better choice.

The move would obviously make sense for the German. He would be back in the cockpit of a car that is capable of finishing on the podium regularly. However, according to Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, even Aston Martin could greatly benefit from the deal.

Mercedes boss claims Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin could be a win-win situation for both parties

Toto Wolff

Speaking to Sport.oe24, Wolff said (translated by Google), “I know that discussions are ongoing. It is not easy to replace Checo Perez with Vettel because he is an important part of the team. (However), from an Aston Martin perspective, that would be a huge hit. Germany is the second most important market for Aston Martin. But I don’t want to talk the team into making this decision (Wolff holds shares in the Aston Martin group).”

Aston Martin would not only benefit off the track but they’ll also do so on it. Racing Point are a team that has high ambitions. They have shown us with this year’s car that they are capable of turning into a championship-winning contender in the next few seasons. Especially if they continue on the same course. So acquiring Vettel, who is someone who has been there and done that, will give them a massive boost and could help satisfy their lofty ambitions.

This is by no means trying to belittle Perez, who is an amazing driver in his own right. But if one were to place their feet in Aston Martin’s shoes, Vettel would be the obvious choice. Of course, we’d like to have Perez alongside Vettel but we know too well why that is unlikely to happen.

Nevertheless, all Perez can do is keep racing and get the results to show that he is no pushover. Obviously, him being affected by the virus is a setback, but he’ll want to bounce back with a podium or two to his name, that should give Aston Martin some food for thought.

Source: Sport.oe24

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