Toto Wolff Hails Lewis Hamilton for His “Absolutely Instinctive” Actions During the Spanish GP

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Lewis Hamilton is simply unstoppable this season. Four wins out of six Grands Prix finds him comfortably at the top of the Driver’s standings. With the win in Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, he races ahead in the journey of touching Michael Schumacher’s feat of a record seven World Championship title. Hamilton’s form has been tremendous and certainly everyone is amazed by his performance. One such person is Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff.

The race in Spain was quite one-sided with Lewis Hamilton leading all the way from the lights to the flag. Max Verstappen tried to offer some competition but the majestic Mercedes W11 was far superior to Red Bull’s RB16.

Apart from Hamilton’s command at the race, Wolff was also impressed with Hamilton’s command in the cockpit. Recalling the Briton’s decision to deny changing to the softs in the later part of the race, Wolff certainly was amazed by his leadership skills.

How did Lewis Hamilton impress Toto Wolff?

“At the moment he drives in a league of his own, I must really say,” said Wolff. “Totally under control, switching back the engine to save some mileage for races that are more difficult.

“The most special thing for me is that at the end we were ready to put soft tyres on his car, because it was not a lot of laps left and it was the logical choice, and he said, ‘Don’t give me the softs, give me the medium’.”

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“We put the soft on Valtteri and logically, you catch up on Verstappen and you probably overtake, or at least be in the fight. And the tyre had no grip… [Lewis has an] absolutely instinctive understanding.”

Mercedes’ recent triumph in Spain is alarming for others. Weather in Spain was challenging as the track was heated up. Mercedes earlier faced issues running on hot wheels. However, this time they fared well with a decent race, with Hamilton in P1 and Valtteri Bottas in P3.

“What makes me the most happy is after a difficult weekend in Silverstone on very hot tarmac, we have been able to recover,” said Wolff, “take the right conclusions and win in the same conditions, and that comes down to the great work that’s been done in the factory from the vehicle dynamics teams, the simulation guys, from everybody on the engineering side that was involved. It shows the strength of the team.”

Wolff was ecstatic about the team’s performance in Spain. He was not shy to deliver a short speech for the crew.

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