Toto Wolff ‘Hopes’ His Son Jack Won’t Join “Dangerous” F1

September 29, 2020 1:21 pm

Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff welcomed a child back in 2017. During a podcast, he revealed the likelihood of his son, Jack Wolff, getting into Formula 1 in the future. In this case, he declared that he would rather enjoy watching his son excel in Tennis or Football.

While speaking on a podcast, Toto speaks about his son’s prospects of joining Formula 1. “I hope not,” said Wolff. “Too dangerous and I hope he is into Tennis or Football or anything that I enjoy watching rather than being nervous, panicking in the pits or the Grandstand.”

Toto was also asked if Michael Schumacher’s records were broken by Lewis, it would be the end of an era. “No. Michael is gonna shine above all of us in Formula 1 forever,” said Toto.

There is a rational and an emotional side. But from a pure rational side, records are there to be broken,” said Wolff. “It may take a long time. Next year where he [Lewis] has the chance to beat it.”

Toto feels that it is ‘an okay time for the record to be broken.’

Lewis is on the verge of equalling Michael Schumacher in the number of race wins. But the penalties during the race meant that he had to wait for another couple of weekends. With 90 wins already in the bag, Lewis needs just one more race win to equal Michael’s 91 wins.

Records set by Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher will also be Broken: Toto Wolff

Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia – Third-placed Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the podium after the race. Pool via REUTERS/Yuri Kochetkov

Toto Wolff is confident that the records set by Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher will eventually be broken at some point in the future.

Even if a record seems to be unbreakable, somebody else is gonna come one day and break it,” said Wolff. “If we’re looking ahead in 2037, there will be another kid that’s in nursery today or doing the first steps in Go-Kart is gonna be out there and challenge Michael and Lewis’ record,” said Wolff.

Toto entered the world of Formula 1 back in 2009 and has since remained in it. He has risen from being the board of directors at Williams to the CEO of the Mercedes AMG F1 team. In his career, he has worked with both the record-setters, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.

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