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Toto Wolff Reveals the Reason Behind Aston Martin Investment

Toto Wolff Reveals the Reason Behind Aston Martin Investment


A couple of weeks ago, Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff invested in British manufacturer, Aston Martin. Obviously, the rumour mill sparked to life with suggestions that he may join the team. However, he has insisted that it is a mere “personal financial investment” and is staying loyal to Mercedes.

In recent months, Wolff and Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll were in touch. Now, the latter plans to re-name the team once again, this time to Aston Martin, from 2021. Speaking about his involvement, he told Osterreich newspaper about low stocks and an improved product line.

He said, “It is a personal financial investment in an automobile manufacturer not involved in Formula 1. And after corona, there will be a normal time again when people buy cars.”

Toto Wolff

Will Wolff face any consequences for the Aston Martin investment?

Interestingly, there are suggestions that the Aston Martin investment could lead to a conflict of interest with Mercedes. However, Wolff insists that that is not the case and he can juggle the two roles effectively.

He said, “We will supply the new Aston Martin F1 team with our engines, and we will do the same in series production. The Aston Martin street cars also have Mercedes engines and Daimler holds a 5 percent stake in Aston Martin.”

Unfortunately, rumours surrounding his exit from Mercedes is still swirling around. Another bizarre rumour states that if Wolff leaves for the British outfit, Lewis Hamilton may follow him.

Regarding that crazy rumour, he said, “To that, I can only give a short statement a la Niki Lauda – total nonsense! He admitted that, amid the corona crisis in particular, he is really missing his old friend and business partner. Under these new circumstances and knowing his pragmatism, I often ask myself: What would Niki have said?”

Meanwhile, Mercedes and the F1 fraternity will be glad to learn that the F1 season may resume at last. Some say that Austria may play host to the season opener in 2020.

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