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Toto Wolff Reveals When Mercedes is Sitting Down With Lewis Hamilton for Contract Talks

Toto Wolff Reveals When Mercedes is Sitting Down With Lewis Hamilton for Contract Talks

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has been with Mercedes for 8 years now. In this period of time, Lewis has won 5 world championship titles and has helped Mercedes to win 6 constructors’ championships. With the 2020 season beginning in a month’s time, Lewis will be looking to equal Michael Schumacher’s record for 7 championship wins. However, what happens after this season for Hamilton is slightly unclear.

Hamilton’s contract expires in 2020. Surely, one would think its only a matter of time before he signs a new contract with Mercedes after all the success with the team. Here is Toto Wolff to shed some light on the same.

“The moment Lewis Hamilton touches down in Europe, we’ll start contract talks”- Wolff

Lewis Hamilton

Toto Wolff was interviewed by Martin Brundle on Sky Sports. When asked what’s going on with Lewis’ contract situation, Wolff said,” We are talking to each other. We are keeping in contact regularly, we have been in different parts of the world but very much keep ourselves in the loop of what is happening. The moment Lewis touches down back in Europe we will sit down and carve out what needs to be carved out.”

Furthermore, Wolff seems confident that Hamilton will renew his contract. He said, ” We are together since, I believe its 8 years now. The agreements don’t need to be reinvented. There is a good basis and I believe we could come to a point pretty swiftly.”

Wolff also added, ” Our relationship is based on trust and you know that your partner is not going to let you down. What makes this team different is that loyalty and trust are important values. We live them every day.”

It seems pretty clear what the relationship dynamic that exists between Mercedes and Hamilton is. Neither seems to be in a great hurry to rush with contract talks and rightly so. Considering Hamilton is at the peak of his powers and nobody else could afford him especially in the current situation. It would mean that Hamilton will surely stick at Mercedes for the foreseeable future.

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