“Toto Would Definitely Not Support It”- Mercedes’ Technical Director Proposes a Bizarre F1 Rule Change

September 12, 2020 5:00 am

Formula 1 has undergone severe changes over the years. Starting off from the cars and racing, changes in rules and regulations too were made on a regular basis. Mercedes Technical Director James Allison was up against a set of intriguing and interesting questions. One such was directed to know whether James would like to change any existing laws or incorporate something new into the F1 set of rules and regulations.

The question was quite interesting and he seemed to enjoy answering the piece. James understands the technical side, hence he does not want to change anything there.

“Well first off I wouldn’t really muck around in the technical regulations. It’s a bit of a mug’s game. It’s valuable if you want to try and make the cars safer or if you want to speed them up or slow them down. But it’s really really difficult to make a technical change that will materially affect the way in which the cars race against one another”, he said.

Mercedes Technical Director wants to switch a Sporting regulation

However, the Briton pointed out one aspect he’d certainly love to change. The man from the technical department wants to tweak a sporting regulation. He believes the change will make the race interesting for everyone.

“Sporting regulations, well that’s a very different prospect and there I would make one change. Everyone around me would probably hate me for this.

“I know Toto would definitely not support it but I would say do away completely with the blue flags. It would make the races an absolute nightmare for a fast car because as we came up to lap people They wouldn’t get out of our way. we would have to fight our way through them and that would make every race interesting all the way through the race.”

James also points out the under table unification the teams might be having if the blue flag is scrapped off.

“It would also mean that teams would have to forge alliances with one another and where you would have to be very very nervous of teams you’d fallen out with which would make it politically incredibly intriguing as well so such a change would be disastrous for us but probably really really interesting in the long term for the sport.”

Is there a possibility?

Well, one of the finest examples in recent years has been the reduced number of fatal accidents in the tracks. Formula 1 has been taking long strides in terms of safety. Even though a few crashes here and there are quite frequent, yet it rarely exceeds the fatal limit.

The idea of Mercedes Technical Director James Allison might be intriguing. However, in reality, it’ll pose a threat to driver safety. Lap groups will be covering the tracks and the fast car will be looking for a chance to sneak out. This might lead to some tension in the track, leading to an increased number of crashes and accidents. It’s a huge risk, therefore, it’s certain to state that Formula 1 won’t be considering to scrap the blue flag regulation.

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