Sebastian Vettel Called Pierre Gasly After His Monza Win : This Is What He Told Him

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Pierre Gasly pulled off a cracking win at Monza this weekend. Surpassing both Mercedes and Red Bull, Pierre Gasly has left a mark on the tracks. This win further adds a cherry on top of the icing as it is Alpha Tauri’s second F1 win. This surprize win had initiated the rumour of Gasly travelling back to Red Bull.

Gasly was dropped by Red Bull just after 5 months to recruit his replacement Alex Albon. Since then, he had been steadily building up to this win with no intention to back off. On the contrary, his counterpart at Red Bull has been having a tough time since F1 resumed.

Pierre Gasly Gets a call from Sebastian Vettel

Pierre Gasly has become the second driver in Alpha Tauri history to win a race. The first was Sebastian Vettel in 2008 and Gasly has his name alongside him after Sunday. Following his win at Monza, Gasly had also received a call from Sebastian Vettel congratulating him on his win. Gasly further explained his excitement by saying, “But obviously in Toro Rosso, as Seb mentioned it to me on Monday when he called me, we’re the only two to have won with this team. He won in 2008 and went with Red Bull to win four world championships, as you know. I am really happy to have joined him in this winners club for this team.

Gasly has been performing well all throughout his time at Alpha Tauri and is expecting a call from Red Bull. He states his desire to be in the fastest car to have a better chance of competing with the leaders. He foresees himself running after podiums and not just be in the Top 10.

“I think I’m ready, but it’s not up to me to make that call,” says the young racer on being asked about the Red Bull rumour.

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Though Gasly hasn’t outrightly expressed his wish, his words indicate his expectations to be called back. Following his win at Monza, he said, “I guess the strong results should be rewarded with something but we’ll see what happens.

What is Red Bull Thinking?

The Red Bull team must have given some attention to this fleeting thought. It is evident that Albon cannot match the quality of Verstappen and for the latter to flourish, they would first need to give him competition. In the context, there is none better than Gasly at this point in time.

“I’m really happy at the performance we’ve shown, not only talking about [the 2019 podium in] Brazil but generally, we’ve been pretty strong most of the time, we’ve had some really strong qualifyings and really strong races. We’ll see what happens,replied Pierre Gasly on being asked about his win at Monza

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