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Twitter Erupts as Lewis Hamilton Survives Late Tyre Scare to Win The British Grand Prix

Twitter Erupts as Lewis Hamilton Survives Late Tyre Scare to Win The British Grand Prix

The 2020 British Grand Prix has concluded with Lewis Hamilton clinching yet another victory. However, the home hero was made to sweat on the final lap, as a late onset of tire blowouts struck the grid.

The Mercedes team members had no fingernails left after Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton found their front tires delaminating. One really had to wonder if everyone was participating in a ‘Drive Till the Tyres Explode’ challenge.

The drama began before the race even kicked off as a heartbroken and helpless Nico Hulkenberg could not even make the start. As it turned out, a car issue confined his car to the garage and Lance Stroll had to shoulder the responsibility alone.

Later on, Alex Albon got involved in a spot of trouble as he collided with Kevin Magnussen.

The next man to fall was AlphaTauri’s Daniil Kvyat, who spun at Maggotts and Becketts after a suspected tire failure. Afterward, the excitement died down for a while and everyone settled into their own races.

Little did anyone realize that the REAL fun was just about to begin and the fuse was already lit.

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How did Lewis Hamilton survive the crazy last few laps?

With a handful of laps on the scoreboard, the carnage began in earnest, with Kimi Raikkonen triggering everything. His tire was one of the first to blow up. Then, it was Valtteri Bottas, who proved that even the front-runners were not safe from disaster.

Carlos Sainz found himself also suffering when his tire also let go and he dropped like a stone. Finally, fate decided to go big and targeted a certain Lewis Hamilton, and his tire also blew up spectacularly.

The bad news was that it was the last lap, and he had already passed the pit lane, so he had to trundle around the track.

To make matters worse, Max Verstappen took big chunks out of his 20+ second lead, but Hamilton had enough juice to cross the finish line ahead.

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