Two Races in One Weekend? Red Bull F1 Has a Bizarre Suggestion for F1

March 31, 2020 2:32 am

Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko weighed in on the coronavirus saga. With several races down for the count, doubt about the 2020 season kicking off, has begun to set in.

The Austrian confessed that the feasibility of hosting Red Bull’s home Grand Prix is very slim. Additionally, the Red Bull top brass, F1 may explore the option of hosting two races in one weekend.

Right now you would have to be clairvoyant to be able to make a correct prediction,” Marko told ORF television station. He remained silent on the possibility of a home Grand Prix. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the world, Red Bull’s advisor does not dare make any prediction for fear of jinxing it.

“I can’t judge whether 50,000 or 100,000 spectators would make a difference”, the 76-year-old Austrian continued. “However, it is crucial that all European borders are reopened, because at such an international event the spectators come from all over the world. And the extent to which the virus can be brought under control in individual countries is difficult to assess,” he explains.

Dr Helmut Marko

What did Red Bull say about the matter?

For the moment, F1 is currently considering extending the season until January. That does not exclude two-day Grand Prix weekends. However, Marko elected to go bold and make a a step further. He admitted, “If we want to have two races in one weekend, you have to choose an attractive circuit where there are a lot of overtaking manoeuvres.”

Marko even dubbed such a GP weekend as ‘meaningful’. He noted that tyre restrictions prevent teams and drivers from driving on a Friday, especially when it rains. The Austrian admitted that the situation will be even more exciting because not everything will be laid out. There are more variables in the game then”, Marko seems to like the plan.

For Red Bull it is also no problem at all to scrap the winter tests of 2021. They will still be driving the same cars next season. “The tyres will also remain the same. The cost of the test is about comparable to a race weekend”, Marko concludes.

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