United States GP Lid Collection: A Peek Into the F1 Drivers’ Unique Helmets for Austin

Published 10/23/2021, 5:31 AM EDT

The United States GP has everyone on the grid riled up. With the energy of the fans, the extra activities, and the wonderful Lone Star State, F1 returns to the Circuit of The Americas after two long years. Consequentially, the momentous occasion and the exceptional circuit calls for a reason to celebrate.


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What better way to honor the weekend at COTA than with exclusive helmets?

Half the grid arrived at Austin with a new helmet in their cases. Some had unique designs tipping their hats to Texan culture while others held significant meaning to its driver.


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Here’s a look into the special lids that will feature at Sunday’s Grand Prix.

Valtteri Bottas appreciates Texan street art

The Finn will sport a colorful helmet this weekend, paying tribute to the graffiti in Texas. When set against the backdrop of the inspiration behind the helmet, it is truly beautiful. Acknowledging the thriving street art and music culture of the city, the helmet does Austin justice.

Additionally, Bottas carries a bit of love and luck in his lid as well. None other than Bottas’ girlfriend, Tiffany Cromwell, designed the wonderful chapeau. A cyclist and a gifted artist!

The McLaren boys are hyped for the United States GP

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo channel their excitement into their lids as well. Lando Norris, who’s sported multiple helmets this season, once again dazzled the crowd with his Austin helmet. Taking the classy route, he stuck to the stars and the stripes; a rugged, vintage look that screams Lando Norris adds a bit of personality to the exceptional lid.

Daniel Ricciardo is notoriously in love with the land of Texas; the driver arrived at the grid in complete Texan gear, cowboy hat and all. Ricciardo’s love story with the circuit progresses with him lapping COTA in his hero’s car. As promised, Zak Brown will let the Aussie drive Dale Earnhardt’s NASCAR beast ahead of Sunday’s race.

Ricciardo honors the motorsport legend with his lid. Replicating the stunning black helmet Earnhardt wore, Ricciardo will be emulating his hero for the United States GP.

Haas F1 honors home GP

The American outfit are finally making at their home circuit. The Haas duo had their fun designing helmets for the special occasion.

Nikita Mazepin drew inspiration from the Texan rattlesnake. Further, the Russian has a horseshoe on his helmet: “I believe that’s luck. We’ll test it out this weekend.” Longhorns and cowboy hats included, the bright orange and white lid looks stunning in the car.

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Mick Schumacher nailed the details on his helmet, not being too subtle with the Texas theme. The Texan flag, badge, and one star are branded on the German’s helmet, completing the look.

More meaningful helmets for the United States GP

Charles Leclerc hops onto the list by featuring his special lid, honoring the watch marque, Richard Mille. Marking its 20 year anniversary and 10 years with the driver, Leclerc’s helmet displays the intricacies of a watch. With gears accenting the red and white lid, the Monegasque wishes the brand a happy anniversary.

Fernando Alonso dedicated his helmet to a good cause. In collaboration with Spain’s Red Cross organization and Citi Bank, Alonso drew the attention towards the La Palma; the Spaniard is aiding the victims of the catastrophe by funneling in donations. The Spaniard may also auction his headgear, further aiding the cause.

Lance Stroll will don a fan-designed helmet. The space-themed helmet stood out from the rest but gave a nod to the race in a very special way. The helmet features the constellation as it would be on Sunday’s race day.

Further, George Russell switches his cowboy hat for a sheriff-themed lid. No longer an F1 driver, “Sheriff GR” will make the rounds in the paddock for Sunday’s race.


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Finally, having missed out on a home race in his rookie season, Yuki Tsunoda has brought a Japanese-themed helmet to the US GP. In an ode to Autumn in Japan, fallen leaves cover the helmet; Tsunoda’s racing number, 22, can be found hidden in the negative space. A clever helmet designed by Japanese artists, the driver will get another chance next season, to bedazzle his home crowd with another unique lid.


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Now, as the drivers get into the cockpits with their special lids, we’re all geared up for an exciting weekend in Austin, Texas!

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