Valtteri Bottas Explains His Unique Champagne Celebration on F1 Podiums

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The Champagne Shower tradition dates back to ages. A random thought would deduce the trend to be European. However, the roots to this practice trace its roads back to California.

Dan Gurney was the first to spray a bottle of Moët & Chandon after winning the 24 hours Le Mans in 1967. Though it was impulsive, it has since become a norm on the motorsport podium.

Though some might call it “uncivilized,” a victor is never barred from the celebration. The celebrations have intensified over the times and by the end, the podium is a pool of smooth spilled champagne.

However, not all the racers think alike. There are some that still consider it to be a fine drink and put it to its proper use.

Valtteri Bottas explains why he drinks champagne instead of spraying it

Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas, recently answered an interesting question at a tweet reading session. Many of us have noticed that Bottas takes a sip from his champagne bottle before spraying it on the others at the podium.

In respect to this, one fan questioned Bottas,” Hi Valtteri! My favorite part about your podiums is watching you take a big drink of the Champagne while everyone else is running around spraying theirs. Why do you choose to do this instead of spray it over everyone like the rest? “

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He replied: ” I always thought Champagne is just such a fine drink to be wasted. So, at least have one sip before it gets sprayed and it goes flat. It is a fine great drink that I enjoy and I always have a drink before spraying it. Simple.”

The expression demonstrates humility and compassion within the racer. Valtteri has been overshadowed by Hamilton and it is not his fault.

Besides that fact, he is a driver of excellent mettle. His technique is as flawless as Hamilton’s and his effort to maintain the position he presently has is commendable.

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