Voices Rise Against Las Vegas GP as Blinding Glares of Starry Affair Pose Another Challenge for Locals

Published 11/13/2023, 6:29 AM EST

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As the highly anticipated 2023 Las Vegas GP weekend edges closer, the scathing criticism toward it grows stronger. We are all aware the Las Vegas GP became the talk of the F1 world when initially announced in 2022. The third race of the season in America truly showcased the skyrocketing popularity of Formula 1 in the subcontinent. However, as the main event draws closer, many factors are becoming a source of annoyance for the fans. Now a fan on Reddit has highlighted another aspect of the Las Vegas GP that will be the cause of misery for many fans around the circuit.

The fans are already enraged by the preparation leading up to the weekend. The street track covers a lot of area which is easily accessible for pedestrians. So the city officials covered the scenic walkways so that no person without a ticket could watch the race. If this scenario wasn’t enough to prove the lengths the sport was going to prepare for the race, a user on Reddit showcased the blinding lights from his window, which will ruin a lot of people’s nights.

Thanks Formula 1, I barely notice the lights from the Sphere now.
byu/l30 inLasVegas


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The highly anticipated night race will be a spectacle for those in attendance. However, for the people from the outside looking in, it will be a nightmare. Or they would wish as the massive light show, evident in the post, will not let anyone sleep. The Reddit user mockingly thanked F1 in the caption for overshadowing the annoyance from Vegas’s latest installation, the Sphere.

The caption read, “Thanks Formula 1, I barely notice the lights from the Sphere now.” Some users showcased their concern in comments as well, “Vegas has decided to just go ahead and blind everyone who hasn’t purchased grandstand seats.”

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This is just another in the long list of irritating aspects of the upcoming, and perhaps negatively now, the highly anticipated Las Vegas GP. Let us highlight some more.

The various factors that make the Las Vegas GP a horrible weekend for the fans

The owners on the hosting duties themselves instead of outsourcing thanks to the monetary potential of the race weekend. However, they perhaps did not know what they were signing up for, especially in terms of fan engagement. In fact, most of the decisions around the massive money-making weekend have led to negative publicity for the race.


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via Imago

First, it was the exorbitant ticket prices that attracted a lot of negative attention. If the attempt to recoup the massive investment F1 has put into this weekend wasn’t enough, their desire to make it a night race also backfired.


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After the timings of the race weekend were announced, the fans were quick to express their confusion and bitterness about the extremely late fixtures. The late-night race will surely become a cause of more misery for not only the fans attending the race but also those in the vicinity.


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Before we make more assumptions, let’s wait and see how the weekend turns out. Although let’s hope it’s not as miserable as the fans are claiming it would be.


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