WATCH : Carlos Sainz Crashes Out of the Russian Grand Prix With a Costly Error

September 27, 2020 5:46 pm

Carlos Sainz was looking forward to having a good outing at Sochi this afternoon. The Spaniard had been very vocal about the importance of the first lap to take the lead ahead of Red Bull. However, man proposes, God disposes as Carlos Sainz becomes the first racer to exit the Russian Grand Prix.

Sausage kerbs have troubled the racers since the qualifying rounds yesterday. Both the McLarens started in the middle of the grid, shifting gears and turning hard to get behind the Mercedes. Carlos Sainz was eager to make up for the lost space and thus succumbed to his mistake.

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Turn 2 at Sochi takes out Carlos Sainz

Turn 2 at Sochi was specifically tricky in terms of pace and control being one of the sharp braking points. Yet, Sainz had aced it well on Saturday and was looking forward to doing the same today.

His intentions were correct, but his technique? Not so much. Max Verstappen aced past the wall at Turn 2 and Sainz headed for the same. However, the wall jutting out got the front left tyre of the Spaniard’s car sent him spinning onto the track.

The McLaren driver immediately accepted his fault and apologized to his team over the radio.

“I’m sorry, guys. I’m really sorry,” came the response over the radio.

Carlos Sainz was aiming for the podium this afternoon as he mentioned earlier. However, it is of no use anymore as he will be a spectator for the rest of the race. The Spaniard hadn’t expected such a turn of events and was optimistic about the afternoon.

Therefore, all the other racers will have to keep an eye out for Turn 2 and particularly the sausage kerbs to avoid getting on the same boat as the 26-year-old.

However, Carlos wasn’t the only racer out of the race. Racing Point also lost a driver before the 1st lap came to an end. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc nudged Lance Stroll, causing him to lose control and ram into the walls.

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