WATCH: Charles Leclerc Helps Ferrari Pack up Despite a Frustrating End to the Turkish GP

November 16, 2020 3:41 pm

Charles Leclerc was feeling good about the Turkish Grand Prix. He had seen the sunshine bright in the morning, prompting him to consider the bizarre possibility of starting on dry tires. Although he didn’t dare to do so, it was not his day.

Istanbul Park was one of the most entertaining races in 2020. With the new tarmac dampened by water-logging, it entirely based grip on luck yesterday. Yet Charles thought fast and changed to intermediate tyres soon after lights out.

Although the green Pirellis helped him climb from P12 to P3, he could not hold his nerves till the end. Leclerc definitely disappointed himself and his team yesterday with the last lap blunder, but that is not the reason for his humility post race.

Leclerc has been shinning as the only ray of hope for Ferrari this season. Although the Turkish Grand Prix saw both the Ferrari’s faring well, Vettel had not scored in most of the races this season.

A video of Charles Leclerc has gone viral from yesterday. It shows the Ferrari No.16 helping his crew pack up. This gesture from him will do wonders ahead, and Leclerc knows that.

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Charles Leclerc isn’t the only racer who packs with the team

Pace was not the only factor at Istanbul Park; for control and focus were also equally important. Well, the young racer displayed racing way ahead of his years yesterday and so hats off to him.

It is not just Charles who helps his team unpack after the Sunday race. Even Lando Norris from McLaren indulges in the same. They questioned him about it in an interview, and even he shocked the interviewer with his answer.

Lando had highlighted that he doesn’t do that to be in the good books of his crew. He does that because he likes doing it and enjoys being with the crew. Well, with morals such as these in young drivers, the future of F1 seems bright.

Charles Leclerc apologized to his crew as soon as he crossed the checkered line. He knew he had messed up and was kicking himself in the car. A turn too wide in the penultimate lap cost him his podium and a gift back to his German teammate.

Leclerc will look back on it and reflect as he is still to grab podium points this year. He was close at Turkey but yet very far. He is sure to have learned from this race and will bounce back stronger next time.

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