WATCH: Daniel Ricciardo’s Jaw-Dropping First Lap During the Italian Grand Prix

September 8, 2020 6:03 pm

Formula One fans have not yet recovered from the craziness and moments that Monza had to offer a few days back, and adding to that list is Daniel Ricciardo.

The first lap saw him overtake former teammate and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen at Turn 1 and a corner later, speed past Valtteri Bottas at Ascari, who was suffering from suspected tire puncture.

This saw him clinch 5th place, with a chance to keep pushing for podium places. It was the kind of move that former World champion Jenson Button called ‘insane’ and ‘something he had never seen before’. 

Daniel Ricciardo Onboard – Overtake on Max Verstappen on the grass, Pass on Bottas at Ascari and a Radio “Let’s F*cking Gooo…” from r/formula1

But despite gaining the upper hand on his closest rivals, certain incidents like the safety car, which gave almost every driver a free pit stop, saw him fall to 11th.

Ricciardo eventually finished in 6th, which by Renault’s standards would be a good day in the office. But this time around, he felt that he was slightly let down by bad luck, especially after a great start.

“Sixth isn’t bad for us today, I felt I couldn’t have done any more in the situation. After a good start and good pace, the timing wasn’t on our side, but that’s something we can’t change.”

However, the Australian driver did not fail to show his praise for Pierre Gasly, who he stated ‘deserved the win’ for his incredible performance at Monza. Known for his caring and jovial personality, he also showed sympathy for Charles Leclerc during the race by asking his engineer if he was okay and doing fine after hitting the barriers. 

Ricciardo is of the opinion that a similarly chaotic race that will see him in a position to take advantage is certainly on the cards. However, for now, his focus will be trained at this weekend’s Tuscan Grand Prix, where he will look to put up a strong showing yet again. 

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