WATCH: How Red Bull Managed to Save Max Verstappen’s Hungarian Grand Prix Through a Hyperlapse Video

July 25, 2020 10:36 pm

Mere minutes before the Hungarian Grand Prix kicked off, Max Verstappen may have been at the receiving end of curses from his mechanics. While on his way to the grid, the Dutchman fell afoul of the adverse weather and clipped the barrier. The good news was that the Red Bull driver was able to extricate himself from the barrier under his own power.

Unfortunately, he did deal some damage to the front left suspension of the RB16. Since he was starting in 2nd place, the Austrian team did not want to eliminate their grid advantage and worked on the grid.

It is safe to say that somebody must have cracked open a secret stash of Red Bull. Because they worked like madmen and somehow managed to fix the car in record time, with 20 seconds to spare.

A recent time-lapse video showed how quickly they worked to fix the Dutchman’s bruised RB16.

According to Team Principal, Christian Horner, Verstappen likely suffered a minor lapse in concentration. The love tap on the barrier broke the track rod and the push rod, giving the team a gigantic headache.

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How did Red Bull turn it around?

Apparently, the team was so fast that a 90-minute job was completed in 12 minutes. The best part was that it was not even a haphazard job, and they patched it up effectively.

An incredulous Lewis Hamilton even exclaimed, “They did that in 12 minutes?!”

Horner suspected that the Dutchman was synchronizing his eighth gear and didn’t pay attention to the road. In addition to that, he and the team underestimated how treacherous the conditions were. They paid for their ignorance with carbon fiber.

Luckily, the entire crew rallied and managed to fix the RB16 just in time. Verstappen even thanked the team when he scored a fine 2nd place ahead of Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes.


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