WATCH: Lando Norris Has an Embarassing Moment Thanks to Geography

Published 06/16/2021, 5:55 AM EDT

F1 occasionally loves to tease its drivers’ brains through the concept of ‘Grill the Grid’. Following an interesting episode earlier in May, the sport recently came up with a follow-up episode. Only this time, it wasn’t Sebastian Vettel who stole the limelight, but the cheeky Lando Norris.


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F1 managed to touch upon the subject that wasn’t necessarily the Briton’s strongest suit – Geography. The task was for the drivers to identify the countries in which F1 races were held. To do so, each of the drivers received a map and a pen to mark the spots.

Grill the Grid round 2 starring a clueless Lando Norris


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Norris was quite clear at the beginning that he never did geography in school, hinting at possibly the worst to come from the McLaren driver. Rightfully so, his hunches were quite true.

I didn’t do geography in school,” he said. When the interviewer pointed out that he’s an F1 driver who travels around the world, Norris gave a rather hilarious response.

I don’t look where I’m going,” he replied.

Initially, Norris proved to be terrible in mapping, as he circled Ireland, assuming it was the UK. Then followed a string of wrong markings with several closely knitted countries.

Spain. That also includes Portugal. And that also includes Italy… and Germany,” he said, pointing to certain spots on the map. F1 ultimately revealed the actual locations, proving none of Norris’ claims were actually true.

What’s more, Norris did not stop there, as he moved to the American continent, where he managed to spot Canada. However, it wasn’t before he laid out an amusing theory.

Canada’s up here?” he questioned with a tinge of doubt. “It is? Canada’s up there. I thought it was just America,” he said circling entire North America.

How did Norris fare in the end?

Norris undeniably had a rollercoaster round 2 of Grill the Grid. Following a horrendous outing around the European countries, he managed to improve his scores as he arrived at the Asian continent.

The Briton managed a late resurgence, as he boosted himself up to P14, having found 7 countries. The worst of all turned out to be the AlphaTauri driver, Yuki Tsunoda, while Max Verstappen topped the list with 23 findings. Moreover, this isn’t the first time a driver had a laughable moment or two during an episode of Grill the Grid.

Formula One F1 – Spanish Grand Prix – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain – May 6, 2021, McLaren’s Lando Norris ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix REUTERS/Albert Gea

For those who are unaware of how Vettel ended up being the highlight of the previous episode, here’s a short recap. The drivers were asked to name the F1 teams starting with alphabets A to Z. Surprisingly, the German encountered a brain fade when the letter ‘R’ arrived.


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Not only did he forget the name of his former championship-winning team Red Bull, but also their engine supplier, Renault.

Overall, this has been a rather interesting couple of rounds from the drivers, with at least one of them messing up quite significantly. So, which driver is going to fluff over the forthcoming round 3?


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