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WATCH : Lando Norris’ Hilarous Standoff With Hornets

WATCH : Lando Norris’ Hilarous Standoff With Hornets

Back in 2016, Formula One released a video where drivers spoke about their phobias and fears. A lot of them had diverse fears and some common ones, while others were a little bizarre. However, Lando Norris recently confirmed a new phobia that was not on the list.

During a Twitch stream, he got the shock of his life when he spotted a hornet in his room. Of course, knowing how dangerous they are, he nearly had a freakout.

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Unfortunately, things got worse when Norris spotted a second hornet, sitting not too far away.

The Exterminator: starring Lando Norris

Not wanting to be in the same room as the two bugs, Norris pulled out the big guns, à la Home Alone. Suffice to say, the following stream was gold standard stuff, as poor old Lando Norris went on a warpath, screeching like a banshee.

Admittedly, all his subscribers found a lot of pleasure in his suffering. What terrified the McLaren driver was the fact that it managed to escape being sucked into a hoover.


Then he tried a more primitive, the tried and tested technique of smashing it with a shoe. Later on, the fun doubled up when Charles Leclerc entered the stream and got an earful of Norris’ screams.

Finally, the ordeal was over, and Lando Norris triumphantly posted the spoils of war to social media.

The young Briton lived to fight another day, rest assured he will thoroughly fumigate his house. In all honesty, his freak-outs were absolutely hilarious and highly entertaining. This is why he is one of the most recognizable faces in the Twitch community.

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