WATCH: Lando Norris Injures His Hand in an Epic Champagne Celebration Fail After the Italian GP

September 8, 2020 9:29 am

When Lando Norris bagged his maiden podium at the season-opening Austrian Grand Prix, he came up with a unique celebration. The young Briton proceeded to bonk the bottle of champagne on the ground, to try and open it and start spraying.

On Sunday, when Carlos Sainz bagged 2nd place at the Italian Grand Prix, Norris joined him in the post-race celebration. Sadly, he could not repeat his Austrian GP feat, because the bottle shattered. Predictably, Norris injured himself, as some of the broken shards cut his hand.

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This isn’t the first time a Lando Norris-style celebration went wrong

Sometime after Norris performed that celebration in Austria, Moto3 rider Celestino Vietti tried to mimic it. Unfortunately, the bottle broke and cut his hand badly. As a result, he needed at least 22 stitches to fix it.

In Monza, it appeared that Norris was holding a Prosecco bottle. He still had another bottle in his hand, but Carlos Sainz feared for the safety of his teammate and the bottle, so he snatched it. Hopefully, for Norris’ sake, the wound should heal. However, nobody is sure if he needs stitches, as Vietti did.

When Vietti picked up that unusual injury, he had finished 3rd at the Andalucian Grand Prix at the Jerez Circuit. Later on, he managed to redeem himself with a victory at the Styrian Grand Prix. However, he was careful to not bang the bottle on the ground and injure himself once again.

Celestino Vietti was actually fortunate to still race with the injury. Meanwhile, it is unclear if Norris will be able to race with his busted hand. At least he learned a valuable lesson on trusting Prosecco bottles, a mistake he should not make again. Hopefully, if either of the McLaren drivers end up on the podium, Norris chooses not to smash the bottle this time around.

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