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WATCH: Lando Norris Spends Quality Time Building McLaren Model With Girlfriend Oliveira

Published 04/16/2022, 8:30 PM EDT

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Lando Norris is arguably the most interesting racing driver on the Formula One grid at the moment. Any counter opinions? Of course, a few fans might object to this claim considering the presence of bigger guns like Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo. But, here’s something that just might change your mind.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Quite recently, a 25-minute long video sprung up on social media featuring Norris and his Portuguese girlfriend, Luisinha Oliveira. It was quite bizarre coming across such a huge video considering the pair have kept their relationship very much private, hardly ever sharing a few snaps on Instagram.


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Hence, with pretty much no content highlighting Norris and Oliveira until this very point, what could the author possibly have come up with that managed to extend the runtime to almost half-hour? Well, turns out, the video was all about the lovely duo trying to build a Lego F1 car.

Oliveira leaves Lando Norris midway

The video begins with Norris and Oliveira starting to build a Lego F1 car from scratch with hundreds of tiny pieces spread across the floor. While one camera was focusing on the pair from the front, another camera was placed in a way that the viewers experience a bird’s-eye view of the McLaren driver.

It was quite fun watching them find ways to bring the pieces together. However, barely 3 minutes into the video, Oliveira walked off the frame, leaving the Briton all to himself. But, did Norris stop then? Of course not! We’re not even sure if Norris was aware that his girlfriend had left as he continued to shed his entire focus on accomplishing the Lego task.


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Who is Luisinha Oliveira- Lando Norris’ Girlfriend?


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Unfortunately, in the end, the lack of a helping hand obstructed the fans from getting the satisfaction of seeing a complete Lego car. Just over 15 minutes into Oliveira’s exit, Norris carried the half-done Lego model to the camera, revealing each of the parts to the viewers.

What stopped Norris from finishing the task?

Back pain! Yes, you read it right. The Briton was in a rather upright position as he built the Lego car. And it was obvious that his back was going to bite back at some point which it did.


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I’m stopping. My back is in too much pain,” he said before giving a wild roar while trying to get up. “Alright! Thanks everyone for watching.” He further promised that there would be a part two coming soon on the Lego building video. Hence, let’s hope that Norris comes up with the much-needed second half soon!

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