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Watch: Lando Norris Trolls Charles Leclerc Over Carlos Sainz Joining Ferrari

Watch: Lando Norris Trolls Charles Leclerc Over Carlos Sainz Joining Ferrari

Carlos Sainz

McLaren’s Lando Norris couldn’t resist trolling Charles Leclerc after Ferrari announced its 2021 driver lineup. The Briton took to streaming platform Twitch to poke fun at Leclerc for “stealing his teammate”. For those unaware, Carlos Sainz is joining Ferrari in 2021 and suffice it to say, Norris is less than impressed.

Lando Norris “explains” how Carlos Sainz is leaving

Despite spending only a single season together as teammates, Lando and Carlos forged a strong bonding that blossomed into F1’s most envied bromance. Sainz and Norris were the ideal driver pairing that many teams can only dream of. Professional and respectful on track while being goofy and playful off track.

In many ways, Lando looked up to Carlos for being a sort of a big brother figure in F1. It’ll be sad to see the Spaniard leaving McLaren and ending the bromance. As an act of retaliation, Norris has been mocking Charles over Twitch for the past few days. Recently, the Briton took to Twitch to clarify how Carlos was leaving McLaren.

“Charles didn’t steal my teammate, I gifted him, my teammate. I was like get out!”

“I was like, go to Charles, It wasn’t the other way around”

“it wasn’t like, Lando I’m taking your teammate, You’ve got it all wrong”

Can Sainz take the fight to Charles Leclerc?

It was cool of Lando to explain the details regarding Sainz’s transfer but one thing is certain, the Spaniard faces a bigger challenge next season. Driving for Ferrari isn’t the same as driving for McLaren. It will be a different atmosphere from the warm and fuzzy feeling he’s used to at McLaren. Moreover, there’s a lot more expectation with pressure that’ll keep building up.

Carlos Sainz is heading to Charles’s house and it’s up to him to make a name for himself. Many experts and fans are predicting Sainz as Ferrari’s new number 2 driver to the Monegasque. This may be true to a certain degree but there’s no reason why Sainz can’t establish himself within the team.

At the end of the day, Ferrari is also prioritizing the Constructors’ Championship and a united front between its drivers could do the trick. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see how Sainz copes with the daunting challenge of driving for Ferrari against Charles.

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