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WATCH: Lewis Hamilton’s “Only Weakness” in Formula 1

WATCH: Lewis Hamilton’s “Only Weakness” in Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton is probably this generation’s most formidable racer. At times the one-sided races do make us think whether he has some kind of weakness or not. Well, his racing records narrate no such weaknesses. However, he does have a weakness on his personal side.

Doing over 40-50 laps for the races results in a huge loss of calories for the drivers. To make up for that, they have to undergo strict diets and regular meals when they’re not racing. Lewis Hamilton holds a particular weakness for a specific food item.

Numerous times in his interviews and press releases, he has mentioned this weakness. While some might guess it’s something extravagant, in reality, it’s just a simple everyday breakfast item.

Just like an ordinary English lad, Hamilton is crazy about pancakes! He himself has stated it innumerable times. In fact, even Daniel Ricciardo is hooked to pancakes and we don’t really blame them.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV5BIMdcMiA]

Lewis Hamilton’s weakness on the tracks

The 6-time World Champion has rarely displayed any shortcomings on the track. He’s always been the unstoppable racer everyone wishes to be. Breaking records after records, Hamilton is on a roll with Mercedes.

Michael Schumacher’s record is in danger now. The German holds the record number of World Championship trophies. With 6 titles to his name, Hamilton is only 1 behind Schumacher. His formidable streak continues to set up new records, and he’s only a handful of races away from touching Michael Schumacher.

A number of Schumacher’s records have already been smashed by Hamilton, and it is unlikely for him to stop right now. He’s determined to set up new records and break his own to set new milestones in the Formula 1 world.

Hamilton’s statistics speak for him. Maintaining a splendid record, he’s looking for new challenges. He has successfully taken 69 poles for Mercedes which is 1 more than Michaels Schumacher’s overall 68 poles. Overall Hamilton has taken 95 poles which is an individual record by itself.

Winning his 90th Grand Prix at Tuscan he has established the fact that he is unstoppable in the tracks.

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