WATCH: Max Verstappen Destroys Renault F1 Over its Bold Claims

June 4, 2020 7:37 pm

 Renault didn’t have the greatest of seasons last year. They finished 5th in the constructors’ championship 54 points behind 4th placed McLaren. Renault’s car was plagued with reliability issues last year. However, their engine power didn’t seem too bad. But was it really generating 1000 BHP as Renault claimed? And how much do F1 drivers really care about stuff like that? Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas may have an answer to that (well sort of).

“If Renault claims to have 1000 BHP, then they have a really bad car”- Max Verstappen

The question was asked to the three aforementioned drivers in a post-qualifying press conference for the Hungarian Grand Prix last year. Max Verstappen was the first one to answer. He gave a very witty reply saying, “ Well, If they claim to have a 1000 Horsepower they have a really bad car.” He went on to say,” I think it’s better to do the talking on the track than in the media anyway.”

The next driver to have a shot at the question was Lewis Hamilton. He said, ” I have no idea what Brake Horsepower we have. It’s all similar. It’s all very close between us all.”

Valtteri seemed to give the most professional answer among the three drivers. The Finn said, ” Yeah, actually it was yesterday I asked the team because we had the engine issues. We had some talks about the engine and I asked how much Horsepower is there. The engineer said that they don’t know. They don’t actually know. so no one knows.”

Well, that interview seemed to make it very clear about what the driver’s on the grid make of Renault and Horsepower in general. To be fair to them it’s not their job to know either. Their job is to race and not worry about which engine manufacturer has more power. Nevertheless, it’s good fun to see the drivers be laid back for a bit and not be serious all the time.



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