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WATCH: Max Verstappen Nearly Collides With Charles Leclerc During 70th Anniversary Grand Prix Free Practice

WATCH: Max Verstappen Nearly Collides With Charles Leclerc During 70th Anniversary Grand Prix Free Practice

Max Verstappen

Last weekend, Romain Grosjean earned some fame for all the wrong reasons. The Haas driver’s dangerous driving almost took out Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo during the race.

Prior to that, during free practice two, Grosjean had also gotten on the nerves of Max Verstappen. On a slow lap, Grosjean inadvertently blocked Verstappen who was trying to set a lap time.

This prompted Max to snap at the Frenchmen, calling him a “Blind Motherf***er.

However, during today’s during free practice 1, for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, the same could be said of the Dutchman.

Max Verstappen comes close to taking out Charles Leclerc


Verstappen almost caused a collision with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc who himself was apparently on a slow lap but decided to pick up the pace.

After Verstappen managed to keep his car clear of Leclerc, he spoke to his race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase, asking him to sound an alert if there was a car coming up behind him.

Verstappen was heard saying, “Mate, can you tell me please when there is another car? I didn’t see that Ferrari.” To which Lambiase replied, “Leclerc was on a slow lap, I’m surprised he was traveling so quickly.”

It was an interesting move from Charles. There was really no need for a sudden change of pace. Verstappen had only just let a McLaren, who was setting a time, by, before he saw a red haze go past in a hurry.

Thank god for Max’s quick reflexes, otherwise, that could have ended up getting pretty ugly.

Verstappen ended the first free practice session setting the third quickest lap time. He finished 0.727 seconds behind Valtteri Bottas, who topped the timesheets ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

As for Leclerc, he set the 5th fastest time during FP1, nearly a second down on Bottas.

Both Verstappen and Leclerc ended last week’s British Grand Prix with a place on the podium. While Verstappen could see himself up there once more, Leclerc may not be so lucky.

Can the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix spring up a surprise? Is it possible for Verstappen to win? Will Leclerc make it a third podium in 5 races? We will find out soon enough.

SOURCE- Reddit

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