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WATCH: Romain Grosjean Tests Kevin Magnussen on his Nordic Roots in a Hilarious Video

WATCH: Romain Grosjean Tests Kevin Magnussen on his Nordic Roots in a Hilarious Video

Kevin Magnussen

Following the second season of the hit series, Formula 1: Drive to Survive, the Haas F1 duo played a small game with each other. The Netflix Nordics Youtube channel interview Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean and the latter tested his teammate’s Nordic roots. Since Magnussen hails from Denmark, Grosjean was tasked with seeing how much of a Dane he really is.

The questions were quite basic, and Kevin’s answers determined whether he was a Nord or not. Of course, both drivers had plenty of fun along the way and had a good time on the set. The first question regarded punctuality, and Magnussen assured that he was always on time for free practice. However, Romain Grosjean challenged that statement, which resulted in the meter rising to only 8%.

On the subject of how he takes his coffee, Kevin Magnussen saw his Nordic meter rise when he affirmed that he likes black coffee. In terms of physical fitness, Magnussen took the honest route. He shamefully admitted that he sometimes slacked off on training. Speaking of the gym, he confirmed that his music taste while training is, Volbeat, who is a Danish band. Then, Romain Grosjean made a surprising admission that he is a Taylor Swift fan.

From a residential aspect, the 27-year old prefers to live in the countryside surrounded by nature. Grosjean then asked Kevin Magnussen for his ideal conditions during a picnic. The latter insisted that the conditions would have to be really cold to disrupt a picnic, as it often get quite chilly in Denmark.

What else did Kevin Magnussen reveal?

When he spoke about the Eurovision contest, Magnussen confirmed that he liked listening to Danish singers, the Olsen Brothers (Brødrene Olsen). Furthermore, the Haas F1 driver revealed that he can sing Danish snap songs, which are Scandinavian drinking songs.

Kevin Magnussen also revealed that he wears swimwear if he is in a public sauna. He even disclosed a Danish tradition of jumping into the sea or into a hole in the ice, regardless of the temperature. In the end, it transpired that Magnussen has 68% Nordic blood in him.

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