WATCH: Sainz Trolls Leclerc for ‘Sh**ting Himself’ During F1 Plane to Baku

Published 06/03/2021, 2:46 AM EDT
Formula One F1 – Pre-Season Testing – Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain – March 14, 2021 Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc arrive for testing REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed

Ever since Carlos Sainz joined forces with Charles Leclerc at Ferrari, there have been quite a lot of laughable moments between the duo, with their relationship showing signs of bolstering over each passing F1 weekend.


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Sainz managed to capture a similar moment with Leclerc while heading to Baku for the race weekend. While it was the Spaniard who was recording the video, the Monegasque ended up being under the limelight for his priceless reactions.

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have a laugh while traveling to Baku


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Sainz posted a hilarious story on Instagram while traveling on a flight to Azerbaijan with his Ferrari teammate. The video shows Leclerc holding onto his dear life, as the ride turned a bit bumpy, possibly due to the turbulence.

The video starts with Leclerc busily peeping out the window with a tinge of fear on his face. Meanwhile, Sainz used his teammate’s unawareness to his advantage, as he started recording the whole scene.

Seconds later, Leclerc manages to notice Sainz‘s phone pointing at him, as he asks the Spaniard what he was doing. And the duo laughs hard, with Leclerc ultimately acknowledging that the flight was moving a bit too much.

The Monegasque can be seen holding tight onto the armrests on either side of his seat, while Sainz just can’t stop giggling. The newly joined Ferrari driver wrote an amusing caption as well. “Someone is ‘sh*tting’ himself,” Sainz’s caption read.

While a lot anticipated Sainz and Leclerc could potentially spring up an in-team rivalry at Ferrari, the reality seems far from it. Interestingly, the duo could even be rated as one of the best teammates since last season’s Lando Norris-Carlos Sainz tie.


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Can Ferrari F1 extend Monaco GP form into Baku?

The Maranello outfit were looking strong enough to take pole position at Monte Carlo. And rightly so, Leclerc managed to accomplish the feat. Despite missing out on a race win, Sainz minimized the heartbreak for the team by securing P2 in the race.

Now, a big question arises. Can Ferrari continue their run of form into Baku as well? Although Ferrari delivered at Monaco, that doesn’t certainly mean that they could carry out a similar performance on the streets of Baku. Ferrari does possess a much better straight-line speed this season.


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Formula One F1 – Monaco Grand Prix – Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco – May 23, 2021 Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr. celebrates finishing second place with a trophy and his team Pool via REUTERS/Sebastien Nogier

However, their rivals, McLaren aren’t going to back down either, especially with a powerful Mercedes PU at the back. Hence, Norris, in specific, could play spoilsports for Ferrari over the approaching weekend. Who knows? The young Briton could also go on to secure his 3rd podium of the season.

So, amidst such a threat, can the Scuderias fend off McLaren to secure another strong finish to a race weekend? Only time will tell.


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