WATCH: Sebastian Vettel and Leclerc Compete in Final Ferrari Hourglass Challenge

December 30, 2020 3:30 pm

Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc were quite a bond at Ferrari. The only element growing well within the Italian Camp was their relationship with each other. Although the German and the Monégasque had several reasons to be at war, they choose peace.

While he’s leaving Ferrari, Vettel can never forget the caliber of Leclerc. Vettel has repeatedly emphasized that Leclerc is a talent awaiting his time.

The Ferrari Number 16 shocked the paddock with his formidable performance this season. Although the car was not the best on the circuit, he drove it well enough to place in the points. The scenario of him having a complete car next year is already exciting.

Sebastian Vettel has left the Italian Camp well to start his English season. However, he never underestimated his former teammate. As a matter of fact, he stated that he could see his younger self in Leclerc.

Parting from the team, Sebastian will always look out for Leclerc next season from his Aston Martin cockpit.

Ferrari ended the season with a video clip featuring both the pilots engaged in a ‘guess who’ game. The team has always treasured the duo and their determination to keep fighting. As a tribute to that and to send new year wishes to the Tifosi, it was their present to the fans.

Ciao Tifosi. We couldn’t end this year without the last hourglass challenge, so here you go, our gift to all of you,” read the tweet.

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Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin – New hope

Sebastian Vettel will start beside Lance Stroll next year. After Racing Point’s P4 finish this season, the team prepares to take on the battle with the leaders next year, with a renewed spirit and a new identity – Aston Martin. The pilots, lined with new upgrades and better strategies, appear threatening.

After a double podium for the team at the Sakhir Grand Prix, they were hoping for a P3. However, McLaren came back stronger in the last round and took it away from their grasp. However, it is still their best finish ever in a season and they plan to build on that with Sebastian Vettel – the time champion.

Back at the Italian Camp, Carlos Sainz will team up with Leclerc. The Spaniard will join Ferrari after his splendid stint with McLaren. Well, the last time Lewis left McLaren back in 2012, he traveled to be the greatest ever. Fans hope that fate works the same way for Sainz.

The team at Ferrari works tirelessly at Maranello to wipe the stains on their burgundy outfit. The team heard tons of criticism this season, and it soon changed to mockery. However, the team does not let even a single ounce to get to their head. Carlos and Leclerc both submit positive progress back at the factory and they can’t wait to hop inside the new cars.

Will they face the same fate from last year at Ferrari? Only time may clear that dilemma.

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