Watch: Sebastian Vettel Shows His Class Yet Again Before the Hungarian Grand Prix

July 21, 2020 8:45 pm

Formula One drivers are always known for their individual personalities. The seriousness of their professional life looks very bold when their hands are on the steering wheel. However, there is a lot more than what meets the eye as far as Formula 1 drivers are concerned.

One such incident took place at the Hungarian Grand Prix while the four-time World Championship, Sebastian Vettel, was in conversation with Johnny Herbert, retired British Formula One driver and television announcer with the Sky Sports F1.

Sebastian Vettel told Johnny Herbert to give some umbrella to his colleague during the Hungarian Grand Prix

It is no secret that the German has been struggling immensely. He is by a series of disappointing finishes, with respect to his performances at the Austrian (P10) and Styrian Grand Prix (DNF).

But out of all this chaos, the four-time world champion always finds ways to put forth his considerate side.

The Hungarian Grand Prix was plagued by dismal weather. Luckily, it was not too overbearing when the main race day came rolling in.

Johnny Herbert was having a chat with Sebastian Vettel on behalf of the Sky Sports F1. Both, Herbert and Vettel were under an umbrella as it was raining. However, Herbert failed to notice that his audio technician was not under the umbrella and was working in the rain.

Sebastian Vettel noticed this and said, “Give your sound guy some bit of your umbrella, Johnny. He’s completely soaked!” To which the former British Driver replied, “I’m really sorry my friend, you are soaking! Right, Ok, he’s In!” after noticing. 

The incident shows how the former World Champion has his eyes on every scenario. His kind and polite attitude outside the cockpit is something that the sporting world finds endearing and admirable.

We wish the German Driver all the very best for the remaining season.

Dipanshu Sharma

A huge Formula One enthusiast and Sebastian Vettel as all time best driver. Chelsea fc fan and a Sports Business post graduate with a vision of growing F1 in India.

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