WATCH : Why F1 Drivers ‘Like’ Living in Monaco

August 21, 2020 9:08 pm

Over the course of F1 history, Monaco has gained great popularity and marketing for the race in Monte Carlo. However, apart from playing host to the iconic Monaco Grand Prix, the country has also gained fame for being an abode to a number of F1 drivers. You may have often wondered why they decide to put up there.

Among the most famous names in the world of Formula 1 are the likes of Mika Hakkinen, Gerhard Berger, Riccardo Patrese, David Coulthard among others, who reside in the scenic country on the French Riviera.

While the obvious answer is  ‘No Ta.., ‘on second thought, we’ll keep that for later. With the YouTube algorithm spewing 12-year-old videos, we look at former F1 stars dodging the most obvious answer as to why they live in Monaco.

However, in the process of doing so, they actually do come up with some pretty relevant answers.

For Coulthard, “It’s an ideal location for traveling around the European circuits.” Rosberg’s answer is, “I came here for the climate and the central part of Europe.”

Hakkinen echoes Keke’s thought saying, “The weather is very good. Most of the time it has beautiful sunshine, it’s warm.” Patrese opines, “Here is better social life, you can enjoy yourself much more. Having so good weather, you can also have very good training for fitness.”

Great to see these guys talk as well as they drive. Dodging pointed questions just as they dodged rival cars on their way to victory. Simply Brilliant! But is there anyone bold enough to utter the ‘T’ word?

Gerhard Berger dared to go where other F1 drivers didn’t

Gerhard Berger

The only person to give us the obvious answer was the former Ferrari man, Gerhard Berger. He did try to hold back the answer from us, but the man is too slick to pass up the opportunity to make a joke.

Berger said, “It is very nice here. You have nice buildings, nice boats. You have a lot of friends. It’s beautiful here. I’m much closer to Fiorano for testing, so it’s a great place to be in.

“Now the honest answer, tax.”

Thank you, Gerhard, much appreciated. For those not in the know, for every six months and a day one lives in Monaco, they aren’t obliged to pay tax. Besides, when you have the kind of money that these guys do, the cost of housing is not really your biggest worry.

Therefore, what better place to live in eh?

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