Where Is Kelly Piquet? Why Was Max Verstappen’s GF a No Show at Suzuka?

Published 09/24/2023, 7:41 AM EDT

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If you were eagle-eyed during the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix, you might’ve noticed that while Max Verstappen was tearing up the track, a familiar face was missing from his sidelines. We’re talking about the ever-glamorous Kelly Piquet. Before the rumor mill goes into overdrive, we’ve got the lowdown.

There are behind-the-scenes reasons why she wasn’t at Suzuka this weekend! You’d think one would be torn between the rush of Formula 1 and the allure of haute couture, but Kelly seemed to manage it just fine. As Max romped around Suzuka to victory, she was busy turning heads and working those catwalk vibes.

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Now, before you rev up your engines with speculation, we’ve got the scoop! No, there’s no pit stop in their relationship. Kelly took to the glamorous world of fashion this weekend. A quick pit stop on her Instagram reveals her gracing an exquisite fashion event for the Elisabetta Franchi and Alevì Milano fashion houses.


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The Brazilian model has been posting several stories about the event over the weekend. To all those wondering if there’s any trouble in paradise – gear down! Just a classic case of schedules not aligning. Let’s face it, we can’t all always be in two places at once, can we?


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Here’s to Kelly for slaying the fashion scene, and to Max for his remarkable win. Whether it’s the racetrack or the runway, this power couple surely knows how to stay in the fast lane!

Now that we’re on the topic of racing, relationships, and the unexpected turns they take, let’s dig a little deeper into the world of Max and Kelly.

Love, age, and racing: Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet’s relationship

Ladies and gents, if you’ve been following the heart-throbbing world of Formula 1 and its drivers, there’s no way you’ve missed the whispers around Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet. Critics left, right, and center have put on their relationship expert hats, largely because of the age difference between the duo. But guess what? Alex Palou thinks it might just be the secret sauce to Max’s thrilling success on the track!


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Speaking on the ever-entertaining ‘The Red Flags Podcast’ hosted by Matt Elisofon, Palou, himself no stranger to relationships with a significant age difference, hinted that perhaps age and experience in a partner can be an ace up the sleeve. When asked if having an older partner might be the golden key, he cheekily replied, “Yes. I think so; experience.”


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If you didn’t know, Palou has been with Esther Valle since he was a sprightly 17. Much like a magician with his tricks, he’s kept most of their relationship shrouded in mystery. And if we’re drawing parallels, both he and Max are two of the fiercest racers out there, of similar age and… yep, you guessed it, both with older partners!


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Kelly, coming from a racing lineage, knows the ins and outs of the racing world. The adrenaline, the dedication, the sacrifices – she gets it. Might she be the wind beneath Max’s wings as he edges closer to that third consecutive driver’s world title?

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