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Who Is Jost Capito – the New CEO of Williams?

Published 12/19/2020, 12:44 AM EST

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As news spread, Jost Capito, the German former CEO of McLaren, will join Williams Racing. Further, in Williams Racing that is owned by Dorilton Capital, he will fulfill the role of a CEO. However, according to the terms, the contract will be active from the following season, February 1.

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via Reuters

Jost Capito captures a very heavy work profile. Subsequently, he has worked as an employer in BMW team, from 1985 to 1989. Further, in 1989 he hopped into Porsche’s racing division, and stayed till 1996. He then worked for a year with Sauber, in 1996 as a member of the executive committee. Further, from 1997 to 2007 he worked for Ford. Subsequently, his responsibilities were to look into the development of the Focus Mk1RS. Further, it inspired and shaped the World Rally Championship manufactures’ crown for two years.


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In 2012, he joined Volkswagen Motorsports as the Director of Management. In 2016, he jumped ship to McLaren as the CEO. However, it was for few months. Further, the news of Capito joining Williams Racing F1 team was on air on December 17, 2020.

With such massive knowledge and experience in the motorsport field, Capito was one of the finest choice of the Williams F1 team. To speed the pace and to fix certain strategies of the team, Jost Capito’s substantial experience will be of great help.  The chairperson of the team, Matthew Savage, is vehemently elevated for Capito to join the team. He believes Capito will understand the value of the team and act accordingly for the team’s well-being.

Savage stated, “We are excited to welcome Jost Capito as the new CEO of Williams Racing. He is an experienced and competitive individual, who has built winning teams and is a winner in his own right.” He further added, “He understands the Williams heritage and will work well with the team in pursuit of our objective to return to the front of the grid.”

Why is Jost Capito Chosen for the post?

The Williams Racing F1 team has been lacking pace at a continuous stretch in the F1 grid. A mastermind with heaps of experience and knowledge in this field could pave way for the team to rise. Further, it is prime time for the team to climb the points chart in the upcoming season-2021.

According to the head authorities of the team, Jost Capito has the capabilities to pull the team through the tough time. Further, his stupendous qualification in the realm of motorsport he has acquired since 1985 will be of cosmic help for Williams.


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He has working experience with world’s top class brands like Porsche, BMW, McLaren, and Ford. Hence, using the strategies required to lead the team forward, aiming to be on the points table is much required.


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His leadership attitude and clarity with his working form are going to be valuable for the team. The tactics to focus on climbing the podium, and further strengthening the score chart is the main motto of the team. Hence, choosing Capito is the best possible resort currently to resolve the grave ongoing issue.

While Jost Capito will be under the team’s chairperson Matthew Savage, Simon Roberts with the post of team boss will be under Jost Capito. However, Capito is thoroughly hyperactive with the golden opportunity he has achieved.

He remarked, “It’s a great honour for me to join Williams Racing during these exciting and demanding times for both the team and for Formula 1,” further continued, “It is an honour to be a part of the future of this storied team, and one that carries such a poignant name in the sport, so I approach this challenge with great respect and with a huge amount of relish.”


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Under Capito’s vigilance and leadership, the team expects to return to its prior rich heritage form. Further, the team would like to race with fervour in this upcoming season and boast their excellence on the track .

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