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Wholesome Moment as Sebastian Vettel Pauses Celebration to Include Kimi’s Name to the Pitboard

Wholesome Moment as Sebastian Vettel Pauses Celebration to Include Kimi’s Name to the Pitboard

The 2015 Singapore Grand Prix was hung on 20 September 2015 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Marina Bay, Singapore. It was the thirteenth round of the 2015 season. Scuderia Ferrari German driver Sebastian Vettel won the race from pole position, in front of Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo in second and Seb’s Ferrari partner Kimi Räikkönen in third.

There was a second track intrusion of the season. Following an occurrence during practice before the Chinese Grand Prix in April. A man ran into the pits before endeavoring to enter the Ferrari carport, saying he needed to drive a vehicle. Also, at Silverstone in 2003, a man ran on to the track.

Sunday’s occurrence tactically affected the race, since it prompted the presentation of the safety car for the second time in the race. In addition, Daniel Ricciardo thought the interference had harmed his horrible odds of triumph. “I was enticed to swerve and clip him” he stated.

Sebastian Vettel fueled away from his pole position and drove through and through for his 42nd triumph, taking him in front of Ayrton Senna and into the third spot in the unsurpassed rundown, behind just Michael Schumacher (91) and Alain Prost (51).

His partner Kimi Raikkonen clinched the 3rd position and he was trailed by Nico Rosberg. He pawed back 12 points of Hamilton’s lead.

Hamilton’s troubled end of the week proceeded. He couldn’t gain brisk ground from his beginning situation of fifth and on the 26th lap unexpectedly lost force and crumbled down the field. At last, he was practically begging his Mercedes group to let him come in.

Guys, we could be killing the engine here. Why don’t we save it? I’m just going farther and farther back.” Eventually, he was advised to box.

Sebastian Vettel stopped the celebration

The Ferrari camp was eagerly waiting for Sebastian Vettel to celebrate as they won their 3rd race of the season. As the team handed him the pit board, he noticed that there was only his name on it. Above all, he quickly asked a mechanic to correct it and add Kimi’s name to it. Kimi secured the 3rd position. It was really a nice gesture by the German driver towards the Iceman.

Ferrari later apologized as the celebration got out of hands. Ferrari mechanics pushed past security staff, knocking barriers to the floor, to get closer to Sebastian Vettel.

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