Why Did Red Bull Boss Christian Horner Cast Aside First Wife in Favor of Spice Girl Geri Halliwell?

Published 02/01/2023, 6:00 AM EST

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Christian Horner may not have come into F1 in the desired capacity of a driver. Yet, today, he has become one of the top personalities of the paddock, leading Red Bull to a total of 13 world championships. Amid this success streak, Horner had a lot going on in his personal life as well. During the four-championship streak of RBR, Christian Horner went through a significant period in his married life. The Briton split up with his long-term partner, Beverley Allen, and got together with Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. However, why did Horner cast aside his first wife in 2013 after she gave birth to his first daughter?

According to Daily Mail UK, Geri Halliwell had been in and around the F1 paddock since 2009. Attending races in Monaco and befriending former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, Ginger Spice had her set eyes on Christian Horner for a while. But, at the time, the Red Bull boss was still with his wife Beverley.

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However, things started to change year by year during Red Bull’s success streak from 2010. Perhaps the friendship with Horner’s fellow F1 colleagues like Eddie Jordan helped Geri get closer to Christian. At the 2011 Monaco GP, the British boss shared an awkward picture with Halliwell and Eddie.


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2013 probably saw the biggest momentum shift in Horner’s personal life. Beverley was pregnant with Christian’s first child. And as for Geri, her bond with her husband probably got stronger. When Beverley was about six months pregnant, Horner had another picture with Geri at the 2013 British GP. In this picture, the Red Bull boss looked at ease alongside Ginger Spice.

Beverley gave birth to Olivia Horner later that year, but Horner missed the birth because he was at the Japanese GP. Things weren’t going too well for the couple, and their relationship worsened as the year progressed. Just six months after Olivia’s birth, the couple reportedly split up. These few months were a crucial period that could have gone either way. Christian and his wife were also trying to save the marriage.

In March 2014, Halliwell and Horner were seen walking in London near Geri’s house. The pair officially announced their relationship in October 2014 and announced their engagement the following month. Beverley was certainly devastated after she split up with Christian. Things were not great in the Horner family, as in 2015, Christian’s parents decided to boycott his wedding.

How has Christian Horner kept it balanced with Geri Halliwell?

After 14 years of being with his first wife, Beverley, Christian Horner had the task of maintaining this new relationship as well. Being a father to Olivia, he needed to find a way to balance his relationship with her as well as his marriage with Geri Halliwell.

While these things can often get complicated, Horner has balanced it beautifully so far. Since getting married in May 2015, Christian and Geri have been the picture of a perfect couple. Halliwell often visits the F1 paddock and is there to support Red Bull drivers and her husband. Meanwhile, they also had their first child together in 2017, with both having children from their previous relationships.


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Are Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner planning to have another child?

Halliwell and Horner are currently parents of three children. Bluebell is Geri’s daughter from her previous relationship. Olivia is Christian’s daughter from his first wife. The couple gave birth to Montague, their son, in 2017. In 2022, Halliwell opened up about having another child while speaking to Hello magazine.

Geri said, “There’s room for another [child], for sure, and if that happened, that would be great. But either way is okay. We’ve got our hands pretty full, and we’re very grateful for what we have.” They both may have busy lives, but over the years, they’ve found a way to balance it all, keeping up the good modern family environment they share right now.


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The Red Bull boss’ relationship with Ginger Spice may have had a rocky start and transition from his old marriage with Beverley. However, Christian Horner has kept it sorted in his personal life and his new start with Geri Halliwell.

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