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Every driver in F1 owns a backstory to why they landed on certain numbers. For Lewis Hamilton, it’s his father’s car that had a 44 numbered plate and for Sebastian Vettel, it’s his idol, Michael Schumacher. Similarly, Lando Norris has his own reason as to why he signed up for F1 with #4.

According to Norris himself, there are two primary reasons #4 was much more appealing, rather than his karting numbers like #31, #11, or even #46.

Lando Norris’ love for Moto GP idol


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It is a known fact that Norris has been an ardent fan of Moto GP legend, Valentino Rossi. The Briton often sported Rossi’s ‘The Doctor’ cap during pre-race events on Sundays, and also while streaming on Twitch. Of course, it is almost impossible for the Blue-Fluorescent Green outfit to go unnoticed.

And Rossi’s number in Moto GP is #46, which has been the case for 21 years now. Hence, the McLaren driver did initially wish to use his idol’s number itself.


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However, Norris didn’t want to look like a ‘copycat’, and rather opted to remove the #6 from #46, hence arriving at #4. He also mentioned the same during the launch event of the One Plus phone’s McLaren edition in 2018.

I had #31, I had #11, and in karting, I had #33 and #46. But, none of them meant a lot to me. So I just went with the one that looked the best. That’s the best reason,” he said. “I would have had #46, but I didn’t want to just be a copycat, so I chose something for myself. I have something new that fits perfectly into my logo.

#4 fitting right into the name


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During the early stages of his F1 career, Norris was prioritizing gaming a lot and needed a very interesting number to merge with his name. The fact that #4 resembled the letter ‘A’ helped Norris a lot. Hence, he arrived at the name, L4ndo.

Interestingly, the #L4ndo has been a successful profile on Twitter as well, with the page constantly providing insights into Norris’ F1 career.

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Overall, Norris made the right decision of not opting for the same number as Rossi. Instead, he has formed his own identity with #4. Hence, can Norris create his own legacy with #4 similar to what Vettel, Michael Schumacher, and Nigel Mansell did with #5?


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