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Why Does the Internet Dislike Charles Leclerc’s GF, Alexandra Saint Mleux?

Published 10/01/2023, 5:30 AM EDT

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Hey, fans! In the world we live in and its high-stakes drama, it’s not just the racers who make headlines; sometimes their significant others find the limelight, and not always for the right reasons. Enter Alexandra Saint Mleux, the lovely girlfriend of our Ferrari maestro, Charles Leclerc. Wondering why some corners of the internet are revving their engines in her direction? Well, it’s a story that took a pit stop in 2017 but has made a speedy comeback.

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Reflecting back to the year 2017, a subtle but significant incident occurred in the bustling world of social media that now casts a long shadow on the vibrant and oftentimes scrutinizing community of Formula 1 enthusiasts. Amidst the constant swirl of digital chatter, Alexandra, an individual whose affinity for the sport was well known, happened upon a tweet that resonated with her at that moment.


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With a swift tap, she liked the tweet, perhaps unaware of the ripple it would create in her digital sphere. The tweet in question bore a message that many perceived to be tinted with racial undertones, a grim reminder of the invisible barriers that still exist within our society.

Charles Leclerc’s GF’s hideous past came to light recently

Now, contrast is the spice of life. But when it comes to a person’s public image and personal beliefs, well, that’s a big red flag. The result? Many fan pages hit the brakes on their support, questioning whether they were cheering for the right team, or, in this case, the right partner.

It all started when fans dug up a 2017 tweet liked by Alexandra that was a tad controversial. Social media, with its eagle-eyed attention to detail, was quick to put on the brakes and judge. A few fan pages dedicated to Alexandra even decided to call it quits over this revelation! Imagine a tweet causing such a furor!


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One fan page, @f1gossipofficial, went on to explain their decision to stop, expressing their discomfort in promoting someone who had liked such a tweet. It’s a wild world out there folks, with fans sharing polarized opinions. Some believe in the power of change, while others just can’t let go of the past. Some of her followers, feeling a bit let down, decided to pit stop their support and hit that ‘unfollow’ button faster than a tire change at Monaco.

Nestling amidst this social media storm, a curious quote caught our eye: “She’s dating one of the most famous F1 drivers with fangirls galore. What did she expect?” It brings to the forefront the complexities of dating someone under the limelight. Handling public opinion might just be tougher than handling those tricky pit stops! But hey, every love story has its speed bumps. And while Alexandra’s tweet may have rubbed some the wrong way, others have rushed to her defense, criticizing the cancel culture and emphasizing the significance of giving second chances.

Whether you’re in team “🥰💞💖” or team “🐍”, remember that we’ve all made some pit stops we’re not proud of. In the relentless race of life, let’s give each other some space, shall we? Shall we? I guess it’s a blunt “NO!” for another niche.

Alexandra Saint Mleux’s similarities with Charles Leclerc’s ex-girlfriend Charlotte Sine

It’s no secret that Scuderia Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc’s love life is as eventful as a Grand Prix on a rainy day. When he and the wonderful Charlotte Sine called it a day, a collective sigh could be heard from the F1 community. And just when they were getting used to seeing Alexandra Saint Mleux waving at Leclerc from the Monaco GP stands, the plot thickened, and it wasn’t because of a twisty circuit!

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Now, the buzz isn’t about how Alexandra looks so much like Charlotte that you’d mistake them in a dim-lit room. No, this time, the surprise was another doppelgänger in the mix. Charlotte recently posted a breezy snap from her Sardinian vacation, chilling on a surfboard with a friend. It’s a great pic, but fans were a tad more interested in her surf buddy. Why? Because at a glance, she looks like…you guessed it…Alexandra!


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Cue the gasps, the dropped jaws, and the multitude of comments:

  • “My heart skipped a beat! I thought it was Alex!” 
  • “Almost spilled my coffee thinking Alexandra was on that surfboard.”
  • “Well, that was a roller-coaster for my poor heart!”

It’s funny how, in the vast world of F1, where cars roar and champions are made, it’s a simple picture that can send fans into a frenzy. For those familiar with Leclerc’s dating chronicles, the mix-up isn’t too surprising. Leclerc has a ‘Charles Leclerc Girlfriend’ type, and it seems it’s a “strong resemblance to Charlotte.” Just kidding!


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Amidst the controversies, judgments, and lookalike sagas, one thing remains clear: the life of a racer’s partner is just as unpredictable as the race itself. So, let’s gear up for the next lap, and let’s hope the track ahead is smoother for both Charles and Alexandra!

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