Why Pierre Gasly Should Stay at AlphaTauri Despite Growing Red Bull Chants

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Pierre Gasly has had such a rollercoaster couple of seasons, that a movie could be made out of it. The French driver made his F1 debut in late 2017 with the erstwhile Toro Rosso team. His full-time debut came in 2018, and he put in some impressive results for the Faenza-based team.

In 2019, with Daniel Ricciardo leaving Red Bull suddenly, the Austrian team took a gamble and recruited Gasly. Sadly for him, it turned out to be a trial by fire and he suffered third-degree burns by the looks of it. He was still consistently in the points, but his performance was not up to Red Bull’s standards.

As a result, he got demoted back to Toro Rosso with Alex Albon usurping his throne. Right off the bat, Formula One witnessed the old Pierre Gasly, the impressive French driver who had a career-best finish of 4th in 2018.

However, his magnum opus came when he managed to do the impossible and out-drag Lewis Hamilton to finish 2nd in Brazil 2019.

Now, the French driver has topped that podium, with an unexpected win at the Temple of Speed. With this win, his stock will surely have skyrocketed. However, the real question is, ‘Should Pierre Gasly go back to Red Bull?’

Why should Pierre Gasly stick with AlphaTauri?

Truthfully, Pierre Gasly should be much better off sticking to AlphaTauri. He has proven that he is faster than teammate Daniil Kvyat and has what it takes to settle into a leadership role.

In 2020, Gasly has consistently beaten Kvyat in terms of race results and has out-qualified the Russian in every race, except for the Belgian Grand Prix.

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It is also worth noting that AlphaTauri is a far less stressful environment compared to Red Bull. As mentioned before, Red Bull was practically a trial by fire.

This is because Gasly went from a midfield battle to a team that is fighting for the championship. Of course, it added a lot more pressure on his shoulders and he could not cope with it.

Finally, it must also be considered that Red Bull is tailored to suit its star driver, Max Verstappen. With Red Bull placing all their eggs in one basket in a bid to cater to the Dutchman’s aggressive driving style, Gasly’s will not be left with a lot of room to grow.

A similar argument can be made for Alex Albon and his inability to keep up with Verstappen. So, if Gasly were to return to Red Bull, who’s to say that he won’t experience the same nightmare that he endured in 2019?

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