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“Getting some groceries? Playing a round of golf? Doing a track walk? The Classic Marina is designed to be worn everywhere & every day.” Once again, Alex Albon has proved he’s the Boyfriend of the Year. No matter what he does, he always takes his girlfriend, Lily Muni He, into consideration. He’s a Formula 1 driver. She’s a professional LPGA golfer. They’re both athletes, but they’re also romantics. After having bribed a concierge to make Lily’s birthday special this time, Albon’s done something perfect for both of them!

Albon and Muni have become a Formula 1 power couple. There’s no doubt about that. Every time they walk into the paddock hand-in-hand, they leave the F1 community swooning. But as they strode into the Marina Bay Circuit paddock in Singapore, Albon had an ulterior motive. Well, that motive is rather embarrassing.

Alex Albon’s creation that’s perfect for Lily Muni He


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A couple of days ago, Albon announced a new addition to the Alex Albon Athletics shop. What is it? The Classic Marina—a $190 limited edition Singapore GP sneaker made from “hairy suede in warm, earthy tones.” He posted pictures on Instagram wearing his creations, captioning them, “Finallyyyyyy!! Introducing Stan’s Singapore special! 😁✌️” To promote these new, special sneakers, he decided to use his girlfriend’s influence.


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If they couldn’t get any cuter, Albon and Muni wore matching Classic Marinas as they walked into the paddock on Friday. Looking like the ‘It’ couple they always do, Albon admitted to using Lily for quite a hilarious reason. He posted a couple of pictures of them on Instagram and wrote, “PR budget is running low😂”

Well, Alex Albon—like Lily’s popstar hero Taylor Swift would say—is a mastermind. And Lily Muni He would approve. Every brand needs positive PR. What could be better than one of the cutest couples in the paddock walking hand-in-hand, promoting Albon’s shoes? Perfect for grid walks and a round of golf, the Classic Marina will sure be something more they bond over. Especially on the golf course, something they love doing together.

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Alex Albon is “pure chaos” on a golf course

Golf is Lily’s day job, but it’s Albon’s favorite pastime. But because it’s his pastime doesn’t mean he’s good at it. And Lily gives him so much flak for it. While drivers like Carlos Sainz and (occasionally) Lando Norris are pretty skilled when it comes to golf, Muni would only hope that could be Albon one day. After last season, the power couple was featured on the F1 Nation Podcast. When asked about Albon’s progress in golf, Muni said, “Ah, it’s been improving.”


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Albon replied, “She is sounding so nice right now. She talks so much sh*t on my golf. To explain just why that happens, Lily elaborated, “He is unteachable. Unteachable. He is complete chaos on the [golf] course. Imagine pure chaos. That’s Alex. You know chaos and golf don’t go hand in hand.” Much to everyone’s amusement, Albon actually agreed with Muni. He said, “The Executive Golf is quite formal. You know there are rules to follow. And there I am, running around, hitting balls, losing balls. I think I embarrass Lily when I am on the [golf] course.”


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Don’t you think Alex Albon and Lily Muni He are the cutest?

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